Yetis are North's workers at the North Pole. They make the toys while the elves "test" them.


The Yeti is an ape-like creature. They are taller than an average man but they are same height as North. It can walk like a man and has long white or brown hairs covering its whole body.

Colors vary between the books and the film: In the books, they're snowy white to match the camouflage of the Himalayas. And in the film, they come in different colors: reddish brown, bluish gray, cream, coffee, light gray, white and light brown.


Yeti weapons

Yeti's Weaponary

The yetis have an amazing arsenal of gleaming clubs, swords and spearguns, all forged with the dust of fallen stars. One of the most common choice of weapon is the arrow gun with mountain-to-mountain accuracy and a few of the named weapons include, the Knuckler, Abominable Mood Swing and the Dinner Knife. The Abominable Mood Swing in particular is one of the most feared that only a few may wield, such as Yaloo, leader of the Yetis.


The Yetis are fearless fighters and also hard workers. They are loyal and friendly. However, they have a bad habit of annoying North with their refusal to knock no matter how many times he asks them to though they are always shown to be sorry about breaking his toys. One yeti in particular shows great annoyance when every time he finishes painting something he is told to repaint it or, in one case, that his toys aren't needed at all. Phil shows dislike of Jack and threatening behavior but also amusement at signing the yeti page of Jamie Bennett's book on myths. Another yeti is annoyed when the MiniFairies drop Pippa and reprimand them for their mistake.




There is a sub species of the yetis (or abominables) who are more human like. They are the tribal leaders of the Yetillian Clans and they are actually close friends with Jack. He is infact an honorary Chief and General of the Yeti though he is known as the He of No Clan. Jack lives with the Yetis from time to time and he cherishes their culture, customs and bravery.[1]



There is amoung the yetis a small number of full blown Giants. They are referred to as the Titans. For all their size and strength they are remarkably calm and extremely well read. Some are even accomplished artists. They infact may be responcible for what we now call the "comic book" and the "graphic novel." They can of course be impressively fierce in battle and have only one weakness. An Achilles Heal if you will. If you scratch behind their nearly invisible ears they will become docile as a kitten. And may even fall into a nearly coma-like sleep. Jack, his mischievous streak always present, finds great joy and some amusement in applying a blissful tickle behind their ears.[2]


The Guardians of Childhood

Rise of the Guardians

Named Yetis



During the scene of North guiding Jack Frost through the workshop, Jack reveals that he has been trying to break into the workshop for years but could never get past the yetis. Phil likely had a hand in this as he clearly recognizes Jack when he walks past and makes a threatening gesture towards him. Jack shows a familiarity with Phil as well simply going "hey, Phil" upon seeing him, even after being threatened.

During the credits, Phil helps bring Jamie Bennett home and signs the yeti page of his book on myths and chuckles about his actions.



Yaloo is a fierce and friendly leader of the Yetis and a faithful follower of the Lunar Lamas. He wields the most feared of all the Yeti weapons, the Abominable Mood Swing. In order to help North unlock the powers hidden within the Moon Clipper sword, Yaloo sparred with North and proved to be a formidable opponent, but was easily outmatched by the power of the artifact. Yaloo has a great deal of trust in North and didn't even flinch when the man tried to strike him down with the sword. He was also the first to figure out that the sword will not let harm befall those of pure heart. 


One of Yaloo's lieutenants, Tashi is seen meditating with the Grand High Lama.




The Yetis help North created the toys for all the children in the world. They are also willing warriors that will fight along side the Guardians if needed. However, North can grow greatly annoyed with them as they are always entering his personal workshop without knocking and smashing his inventions as a result.

Jack Frost

At some point Jack started trying to break into North's Workshop years before the events of the movie but he could never get past the yetis. He comments at one point about this saying he wants a good look around as a result. Jack has a familiarity with one particular yeti, Phil, who he is on a first name basis with. Phil shows a dislike of Jack even when he's in the workshop by North's invitation, making a threatening gesture at him, but Jack is unconcerned and just casually greets him. However, despite keeping Jack out for many years, the yetis never actually told North about his break-in attempts as North was surprised to hear that Jack had been trying to break in for years. Jack is stunned to learn that the yetis make the toys instead of the elves, a fact which also amuses him. Both times when Jack is to be sworn in as a Guardian, yetis take part in the ceremony, wielding torches during the first extravagant one and putting Jack back on his feet when he nearly falls over. During the second one, a yeti gives North the Guardian book and they stand witness along with the Burgess kids and the other Guardians as Jack is officially sworn in.


Guardians G symbol
  • Other names for the Yeti are Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or the Abominable Snowman.
  • Contrary to what people believe, the Yetis are the ones that make the toys and not the elves.


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