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The Warrior eggs are the creations of E.Aster Bunnymund.


Guardians of Childhood

The mechanical eggs first appeared along side their creator on Easter Island in E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! They are all metallic with mobile legs and arms, come in various sizes and wield weapons. Bunnymund gave a few of his eggs to the children of Santoff Claussen, who used them for various games.

Rise of the Guardians

There are two types of eggs in Rise of the Guardians, the first are small candy eggs with tiny legs that bloom from flowers in the Warren. They are cared for and decorated by Bunnymund until the day they are brought above ground to various egg hunting sights on Easter day.

The second are eight foot tall, ancient stone like golems, called Sentinels. They have rotating heads, with three faces representing, neutral, freaked out, and angry. Their job is to protect the numerous smaller eggs in the Warren and ward off any intruders.



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  • The design of the Sentinels were influenced by the giant eggs Native American totems, Celtic forest gods, and Japanese Buddhist forest spirits. All of which protect sacred and natural places.