• The Daughter of Pitch Black can see him

== The Beggining ==

There are rumors of the Daughter of Pitch Black that when she turns 16 she will be able to see her father without having to believe that she exists or not, and that when she finds him and they are reunited again majestic powers will appear in her from a day to another and that as time goes by she will ask for help to Pitch with her powers, when then some unexpected day she will realize that she is her daughter.

They are Two Ways

They are two ways to make to Santin to get united to his father again and is one, go to the dark side and make nigtmares like his father making evil or fight with his own father after being discover by the guardians and make him enter in reason by her own risk not harming his father, but make angry his father for goin to the good side.


Black Curly Hair Eyes Wide Open and brown Skiny and Pale Red Lips


Uses always dark colors on her cloth and wear boots or sport shoes, she is always wearing a necklace with an S in it and lost look and smile.


The protector of Santin is not even his father and the guardians, is a red hair girl name "Tessa" who has been taking care of her since his father turn into Pitch Black, and act like she is only a teenager to protect her identity and Santin until she is sixteen and the profecy come true.

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