Biographical Information
Full Name Typhan
Alias God of Storms
Other Name(s)
Morality Good
Gender Male
Race Constellation
Eye Color Stars (blind)
Hair Color None
Relative(s) Emily Jane (adopted daughter)
Allies The Golden Age
Emily Jane (formerly)
Enemies Dream Pirates
Powers and Abilities
Power(s) Conjuring storms and solar winds
Background Information
First Seen The Sandman and the War of Dreams
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)

Child, you are not alone.

—Typhan to Emily Jane

The constellation called Typhan was once a great ally to the People of the Golden Age, and surrogate father to Emily Jane after she was separated from her real father, General Kozmotis by Dream Pirates.

Physical Appearance

Like all constellations, Typhan is made up entirely of stars and moons, but is now a ghost of his former self. Once a great and powerful Titan, he could scatter fleets of Dream Pirate Galleon ships, but has since been rendered helpless after wily Dream Pirates managed to extinguish the stars that had once been Typhan's eyes. Now blinded, he could no longer see the pirates approaching as they mercilessly killed so many of his stars, his once-vivid outline nearly gone.


Before the War of the Dream Pirates, Typhan had been the maker of storms and a powerful ally of the Golden Age. Now, he has since been stripped of sight and no creature beside a school of Star Fish would swim near him, until Emily Jane's ship drifted into his constellation. Listening to her story of how she escaped the Dream Pirates and was now separated from her father, Typhan assured her she was not alone and raised her by himself for 10 years. He anointed her his daughter, so she could make storms herself, and made her a Sister of the Heavens, honor-bound to use her powers only for good.

However, Emily Jane eventually went mad from her isolation. Her heart was consumed by rage towards the father that never came looking for her. Unleashing the full extent of her powers on a helpless vessel, Typhan tried to counteract her wind with his own, but she just rained meteors and comets down on his few remaining stars. Breaking her vow as a Sister of the Heavens, Typhan cursed her and expelled her from his constellation, within a shooting star.


Typhan is a mournful, pitiful Titan, but with a strong, unthreatening voice that could fill a galaxy, yet he chooses to speak in a soft whisper. He adored Emily Jane, letting her sail where she liked within his constellation, and taking great delight in conjuring up small tempests for her to ride. Emily Jane became a daughter to him, and although she did not return his love, he made her a Sister of the Heavens, so she could wield the same powers as himself.

Typhan is also virtuous being, righteously good, and under vow to never harm without cause. When Emily Jane breaks her vow and uses her powers to cause harm it is with a heavy heart he must expel her from his constellation, inside a shooting star, even though it would mean he would be alone once again.

Powers and Abilities

Typhan is the God of Storms and at one time capable of conjuring up solar winds so vast and terrible, they would scatter while fleets of Dream Pirate Galleons when required. Now, however he can barely will himself to make a small tempest.


  • First words to Emily Jane "Child, how come you are here?"
  • "You are not alone."
  • "Daughter? What do you see? Friend or foe?"
  • "Daughter! What ship approaches?"
  • "Stop this tempest! We never harm without cause!"
  • "Daughter! Stop!"
  • Last words to Emily Jane, "From forever on, you are cursed. You have broken your vow!"


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