Toothiana Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies
Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies
Author(s) William Joyce
Illustrator(s) William Joyce
Publisher Atheneum Books
Publication Date October 2, 2012
No. of Pages 226 pages
ISBN 978-144-243-052-5
Publication Order
Preceded by
E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!
Followed by
The Sandman and the War of Dreams

Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies is the third chapter book of The Guardians of Childhood series.

Beware a tooth fairy queen scorned in this, the third chapter book of Academy Award winner William Joyce’s The Guardians series. There’s a lot more to this tooth-swiping sprite than meets the eye!


When last we heard, the Guardians were resting easy with the knowledge that the children of Santoff Claussen were finally safe from Pitch's dastardly plans.

But is it all a ruse, a scheme, a lull the evil Nightmare King has deviously concocted? Whatever Pitch's plans, what he doesn't know is that there's a new Guardian in town, and she's not the type to forget old grudges. Actually, she's not the type to forget anything, because this Guardian is none other than Toothiana, the Tooth Fairy herself. She's fierce and fast, and crossing her will lead to a multitude of troubles. And it turns out that, well, all those teeth she has been collecting? They contain memories: the forgotten memories of childhood. Young Katherine hopes that these memories might help her to remember her parents. The Guardians hope they'll offer even further protection from Pitch. You can see how this information would be invaluable to our heroes.

But it could also be invaluable to Pitch...



Next Book Preview

The next chapter in our ongoing saga
The Sandman and the War of Dreams
Featuring the desperate mission to save Katherine and the appearance of a wayward lad of considerable interest named Jackson Overland Frost.[1]


  • Chapter One - The Changes that Come with Peace
  • Chapter Two - The Guardians Gather
  • Chapter Three - Nightlight Must Lie
  • Chapter Four - A Celebration, an Insect Symphony, and a Troublesome Feeling
  • Chapter Five - An Amazing Journey to the Top of the World
  • Chapter Six - The Chicken or the Egg: A Puzzle
  • Chapter Seven - In Which the Man in the Moon Greets the Guardians with a Fair Amount of Fanfare
  • Chapter Eight - The Future Unfolds
  • Chapter Nine - A Tear of Mystery
  • Chapter Ten - The Tooth of Destiny
  • Chapter Eleven - A Teasing Tale of Teeth and Terror
  • Chapter Twelve - The Story of Queen Toothiana Continues: A Mystery of Wing and Madness
  • Chapter Thirteen - Lost Teeth and a Purpose Found
  • Chapter Fourteen - Nightlight Faces the Unknown
  • Chapter Fifteen - Plots, Plans, and Pillows
  • Chapter Sixteen - In Which We See the Extremely Secret Process by Which a Tooth Is Gathered
  • Chapter Seventeen - Monkey Sees, Monkey Don't
  • Chapter Eighteen - A Journey Most Confounding, with Flying Monkeys Who Smells Very Badly Indeed
  • Chapter Nineteen - Panic in the Himalayas
  • Chapter Twenty - In Which Toothiana Makes a Startling Discovery
  • Chapter Twenty-One - Nightlight Sees a Woman of Mystery
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - To Be Brave...
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - In Which the Guardians Fly to Punjam Hy Loo
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - Anger, Despair, and a Wisp of Hope
  • Chapter Twenty-Five - A Brief Exchange as the Watchful Are Watched
  • Chapter Twenty-Six - The Reckoning
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven - Can a Pooka Grow Six Arms?
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight - A Monkey Battle Royale
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Dark Surprise Or All Is Given for the Sake of Pity
  • Chapter Thirty - The Winds of Change


Booklist and From the Publisher

"The whimsical details and elaborate, old-fashioned illustrations continue to charm."


  • During a limited time, Cheerios® distributed Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies as a way to expand its Spoonfuls of Stories® program to reach older kids through chapter books. The book was divided in 4 sections which contains a selection from Toothiana, Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies and a special new cover created by Moonbot Studios.
    • “Toothiana, Battle Is Waged”
    • “Toothiana, Tooth is Lost”
    • “Toothiana, Panic Sets In”
    • “Toothiana, A Queen Takes Flight”




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