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Toothiana Relationship Quotes

Wings up, ladies, and take no prisoners!

—Toothiana, to her Mini Fairies

Toothiana is the Tooth Fairy and the Guardian of Memories who collects children's baby teeth where she leaves behind money as their gifts and she guards all the teeth she collects in her castle in Southeast Asia.

Physical Appearance

Tooth is a part human and part hummingbird hybrid who has fair skin, feathers that make a curved upward style instead of hair and pink eyes.

Instead of clothes, her entire body seems to be covered in small iridescent contour feathers. Around her wrists and ankles there seem to be golden lines that appear to look like golden bracelets and golden anklets, as well as gold feathers on either side of her head for earrings. Tooth also has long, drapery feathers that start at her waist line and end at her knees. They give the appearance of a skirt or dress.


Tooth is a sweet, bubbly, elegant, daring, agile, graceful, charismatic, motherly, smart and a fierce fighter of a Guardian who adores the children of the world, cares very much for her fleet of mini-fairies, respects her friends and she is completely infatuated with Jack Frost that she loves what she does and does it with an unimaginable passion.

She is devoted to her duties as the Guardian of Memories, knowing the significance of the memories of childhood contained within the teeth her fairies collect. As she told Jack, the fairies watch over the children and their memories, and when one needs to remember what's important, they help them. She was shown to be upset that she didn't know about Jack's memory problem as she could've helped him with it which is part of her job.

Tooth apparently stopped working on the field 440 years ago (give or take), instead entrusting the task to her MiniFairies and operating from her palace to oversee the teeth-collecting operations, sending fairies to certain locations of the globe every night.

However, once the events of the movie force her and her fellow Guardians to collect the teeth themselves, Tooth remembers what she loved most about collecting teeth herself: seeing the kids. And she wonders why she ever stopped doing it leaving Jack to comment that its different working up close with the kids than at a distance. She is shown to greatly enjoy the time spent collecting the teeth despite the circumstances and is clearly regretful that she didn't go back into the field sooner. She deeply cares for the children of the world and she is heartbroken when they stop believing in her.

She is close to all her fellow Guardians, Jack Frost and Sandy particularly, partly because like her, they have to work all the time.

During the movie, she is shown to have an existing crush on Jack Frost, mainly because of his teeth. When he is chosen as a Guardian, she is shown swooning at his image and she has to take a moment to recover before she can speak. Unlike E. Aster Bunnymund, she is immediately accepting of Jack, saying that as long as he helps protect the children she has no trouble with him being a Guardian. When Jack arrives, she excitedly greets him and asks about his teeth, leaving Jack confused and alarmed. She later checks his teeth, causing North to tell her off, although she still gushes over them as they're perfect. Despite this strange beginning, she quickly befriends Jack who rescues one of her fairies for her which she is pleased to see. When the teeth get stolen, Jack agrees to help her by collecting the teeth with the other Guardians and they work together in the field, though her level of excitement leaves Jack and Baby Tooth somewhat confused. She later collects Jamie Bennett's tooth personally with Jack and gently chides him for knocking it out in the first place. She is shown to be genuinely glad that Jack came along, thanking him and expressing regret that she hadn't known he had memory problems as she would've helped him. Jack in return shows her no ill will for it, saying that they'll deal with her problems first. He also helps her see how different it is to work with children up close than from a distance as all the Guardians except him do. When Jack loses Baby Tooth, Tooth automatically assumes the worst of him however and turns her back on him when he leaves, making no move to stop him. Jack later rescues her fairies from Pitch, though she is unaware of this until the end. When Jack returns at Jamie's house, she is surprised but excited to see him and is clearly embarrassed when Jack has to save her from falling. The two show no ill will towards each other over their previous encounter and when the battle is over, Tooth hugs Jack, holding on until Baby Tooth interrupts them. She eagerly accepts him as the new Guardian as well when he's sworn in.

Rise of the Guardians

Toothiana is the Tooth Fairy and her job is to send her fairies around the world to collect the teeth of the children. Tooth first appeared when Nicholas St. North used the Northern Lights to bring the Guardians together to talk about Pitch Black. When the Guardians are reunited, they don't believe that Pitch has returned until the Man in the Moon, with the help of Sandy, got their attention. The Man in the Moon told them that Pitch has returned but also that he has chosen a new guardian: Jack Frost.

Tooth showed excitement when The Man in the Moon choose Jack on the contrary to E. Aster Bunnymund, who said that Jack doesn't care about children.

After successfully kidnapping Jack and bringing him to the North Pole, North introduce the other Guardians and Tooth got excited to see Jack's teeth. When North started to explain why Jack was brought here, Tooth started to see Jack's teeth again and getting a warning from North to keep fingers out of mouth. The Guardians told Jack that he was chosen as a Guardian and Jack refused. Causing a fight between Bunnymund and Jack and Sandy subjected for North to take Jack away.

As North explained to Jack about their center, Tooth got a notice that her Palace was being attacked. Tooth flew to her palace to stop the Nightmares and Pitch from taking the teeth, but it was too late. On the way there, Jack rescued one of the fairies, Baby Tooth and Tooth was happy to see her in one piece.

Pitch appeared and Tooth threatened him to let her fairies go, resulting in Pitch asking her if she was going to put a quarter under his pillow. As Pitch started to mock the Guardians, Tooth took one of Bunnymund's boomerang to try to attack Pitch before she was stopped by one of his Nightmares. The Guardians, shocked that Pitch was using Sandy's Dreamsand, attack Pitch before he escaped.

Jack, curious, asked about why Pitch took the teeth and Tooth revealed that the teeth hold the greatest memories of childhood, the reason why she collects the teeth. She also revealed that the Guardians were all somebody before they were chosen by the Man in the Moon, even Jack. Jack, surprised, asked her about his past life and about his family to which Tooth asked if he really doesn't remember anything and that she can't help him since Pitch has his memories.

North plans to collect the teeth to keep the children believing in Tooth. North asked Jack to help them collect the teeth and in return they would help him get his memories back and Jack agrees to help them. The Guardians go around the world collecting teeth and making a competition of it. When Tooth told them they were as fast at collecting teeth and leaving gift as her fairies, the guys remember that they forgot to leave a gift and had to travel back around the world to leave the gifts.

The Guardians all gather in Jamie's room but caused an uproar that caused Jamie and his dog, Abby, to wake up and see them (except Jack). Abby starts growling at Bunnymund and Jamie tries to stop her. Jack wanting to have fun with Bunnymund, makes the alarm go off, causing Abby to attack Bunnymund and make him jump around the room. Sandy, trying to put Abby to sleep with his Dreamsand, ends up hitting everyone except Jack, Jamie and himself. Jamie flies out of bed when North lands on it and Sandy catches him. Sandman puts Jamie to sleep and then goes to fight Pitch's Nightmares that have appeared with the help of Jack.

North was able to wake up and bring Tooth and Bunnymund to help against Pitch. As the Guardians try to fight the nightmares, Pitch corner Sandy and stab him with an arrow, making the little guardian disappear. Jack, shocked to see what happened, attacked the Nightmares resulting in him using a massive ice wave that destroy all of them. Jack started to fall until Tooth caught him and North soon used a globe to returned them to the Pole.

Back at the North Pole, the Guardians make a memorial for the Sandman. The Guardians decide to work hard for Easter so they could keep the children's belief in the Guardians. Bunnymund took them back to his warren and they soon found out that Jamie's sister, Sophie, was there. Tooth try to impress her with some teeth that blood in them which makes Sophie run away from her. Jack used a little magic to make Bunnymund have a little fun with Sophie while they finish the eggs.

Later, Jack took Sophie home, but once he left, the Warren was attack by the Nightmares resulting in Easter not happening. Jack found the Guardians and saw how the children stop believing in Bunnymund. They told him that the Nightmares attack the Warren and the eggs didn't survive the confrontation. When Tooth asked about Baby Tooth and where he get the Tooth Box, Jack couldn't answer and ended up losing the Guardians' trust in him.

Toothiana later appeared when she and the Guardians try to find the last light, Jamie. She was surprised to see Jack have beat them to it and as a result Jamie has started to believe in him. Pitch appears, Jack goes to fight him, causing the other Guardians to lead Jamie away. Pitch being more powerful than before beats Jack and makes him fall to the alley where the others were. Pitch traps the Guardians and Jamie, Jamie tells Jack that he's scared. Hearing that, Jack gets a memory of the same thing his sister once said causing Jack to realize what his center is (Fun). Pitch approaches them but was hit by a snowball by Jack. Distracted, they escape and go gather up Jamie's friends.

With the help from the other Guardians, Jamie's friends started to believe again. Pitch asks them who was going to protect the Guardians if the Guardians were protecting them. Jack reassured Jamie to not be scared since the Nightmares are just bad dream and Jamie volunteered to protect the Guardians causing his friends to join him. As Pitch send the Nightmares their way, Jamie full of confidence was able to turn the black sand back to dream sand. Making the Guardians get their full strength back. The Guardians started to fight Pitch while Jamie and his friends turn the Nightmares back to Dreamsand.

The Guardians got Pitch cornered but soon he disappeared and appeared behind a distracted Jack, but before he could injure him, Sandy was revived by Jamie and his friends and was able to save Jack. Sandy used his powers to bring sweet dream to everyone which resulted in more believer and Tooth's fairies used the Tooth Box to bring memories to the children making a lot of them to believe as well.

The Guardians and the children started celebrating and Jack hits Jamie with a snowball, which caused a friendly snowball fight. When Pitch woke up, he tried to make Jamie fear him again but found that Jamie was not scared of him anymore because he was able to pass through him.

Pitch, afraid, retreats to his lair which caused the Guardians to follow and confront him one last time. Tooth gave him a quarter before punching him which resulted in a teeth falling out. The Nightmares appear around them and to their surprised Pitch was taken away by his own Nightmare creatures. Tooth happy of their success, hug Jack before Baby Tooth stopped her. North asked Jack about taking the oath and the Guardian ceremony was performed again. Jack looked at Jamie which caused him to nod. Proud of himself and of Jamie, Jack says, "I will," making him an official Guardian.

Jack makes his way toward North's sleigh but he is stopped by Jamie calling his name. Jack turned around and is surprised by Jamie who gave him a hug, which shocks Jack, but he eventually returns the hug. Jamie waves at Jack and The Guardians good bye when they leave. Tooth smiled at Jack while he made his way back of the sleigh.

At the end credits, Tooth's fairies took Pippa and Monty back home since they fell asleep.

The Guardians of Childhood



The following can be read in Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies:
There was once an invincible race of women known as the Sisters of Flight. They were winged women, known for being beautiful and fierce warriors. They all lived in a great palace in Punjam Hy Loo. Their palace was guarded by flying elephants, creatures that greatly resembled actual elephants, but with great wings on their backs.

A long time ago, there was a man named Haroom. Haroom was sold to slavery from birth to a wealthy maharaja. And although they were slave and master, they became great friends. But the maharaja was vain and selfish. Haroom, who received nothing and wanted nothing, had a heart of a prince. He respected the maharaja, who knew what he wanted and how to receive it, while the maharaja respected Haroom for being content and wise. He liked to hunt down the animals of the jungle, using their heads to line the walls as prizes. Haroom and the maharaja were hunting partners: Haroom was magnificent at tracking, while the maharaja was the one who killed. But Haroom did not like to see the animals harmed. He looked away when they were killed.

The one kind of creature the maharaja had not killed was the flying elephant. He knew where they were, at Punjam Hy Loo, but he could not get there. If he wanted to get there, he needed to fly. It was then that he came up with an idea: whenever a child dreamed, they very often dreamed of flying. Of course, when they woke, they did not remember (thus the reason children sometimes woke in their parents' beds). But children's baby teeth contained memories of every aspect of their life. If he got enough baby teeth, he could find a way to find the memories of flying. So whenever a child lost a tooth in the kingdom, they were commanded to send their tooth up to the maharaja. After some time, the maharaja built a machine that could take him all the way up to Punjam Hy Loo alongside Haroom. He commanded Haroom to make a golden bow with a ruby-tipped arrow, wanting this next hunt to be magnificent.

Once there, Haroom was immediately able to find the tracks of the flying elephants. They finally found one in its nest. But just as the maharaja raised the ruby-tipped arrow to the creature, the Sisters of Flight flew down on them, their weapons in hand. Though Haroom was both amazed and terrified, the maharaja raised his bow and arrow to the Sisters of Flight, having found a better 'prize.' Haroom then knew what he wanted: he wanted the Sisters of Flight to be safe, with no harm done to them. He commanded the maharaja to stop, but he paid his slave no heed. Just as the arrow flew from the bow, Haroom jumped in front of its passage of death, sending it straight into its chest. The maharaja, horrified and baffled, tried to stop the blood flow, but to no avail. The Sisters of Flight were baffled (who knew a human could be so selfless?) but compassionate. Rashmi, the most beautiful Sister of Flight and the one whom the maharaja had tried to fire at, flew down to Haroom, took the arrow from his chest, kissed her fingertips, and touched his wound, healing him. As Haroom awoke, all he saw was the compassionate Rashmi, and all Rashmi saw was the brave Haroom. But just as Rashmi took Haroom's hand, her wings disappeared.

The Sisters of Flight descended on the maharaja. But Haroom, not wanting to see his former friend harmed, told them to please let him go. The Sisters of Flight agreed, but commanded that the maharaja leave everything that he brought with him: the golden bow, the ruby-tipped arrow, the flying craft of teeth, and Haroom. He must also leave his vanity and cruelty. The maharaja, heartbroken, agreed. The flying elephant, whom the maharaja had tried to kill, flew down and touched his trunk to the maharaja's forehead, taking away all the cruelty and vanity within him. But once these things were gone, the maharaja was as simple as a monkey--he had even grown a tail. He left, never to return.

Haroom and Rashmi lived on in the palace of Punjam Hy Loo and were wed. Within a year, a daughter was born. She was selfless like her father, and pure of heart like her mother. She was named Toothiana.

Toothiana was born as a human, completely normal and mortal. Because there were no other human children living in Punjam Hy Loo, Rashmi and Haroom decided it better to raise her among other mortals, so they settled on the outskirts of a village at the edge of the jungle. Toothiana was well loved and protected, living a simple and happy life. But when she was twelve, she lost her last baby tooth, and sprouted wings, along with bodily feathers. Toothiana was joyous, and by the end of the day, she could fly with the speed of a bird. She made friends with the birds and the wind, and flew up to the trees to pick the ripest mangoes, starfruit, and papayas for the children of the village.

Tooth in the books.

While the children delighted in Toothiana's new ability, the adults of the village were shocked and frightened by this now half-bird girl. Some thought she was an evil spirit that must be killed, while others saw ways to use her, as either a freak to be caged and paraded about, or to force her to fly to the palace of the new maharaja and steal his jewels. Haroom and Rashmi knew that to keep their daughter safe, they would have to escape. So they packed their things and departed deep into the jungle. The children of the village, who loved Toothiana as a friend and a sisterly figure, begged their parents to leave Toothiana alone. But they were driven mad, blinded with fear and greed.

The parents of the village set up a large cage, hired the best hunters around, and asked them to capture Toothiana. Among these was a man known as the Mysterious Hunter, a hunter who never spoke or revealed his face from beneath his cloak.

But Haroom and Rashmi were smarter than any hunter. Haroom, an expert at tracking, was able to cover their tracks. And Rashmi, who could speak every animal language in the world, enlisted the animals for help. All of the animals intercepted and sometimes attacked the hunters whenever they moved too near to their camp. But the hunters, hungry for fame and riches if they caged Toothiana, would not give up.

The children, too, helped keep the hunters at bay. They defied their parents and sent word to Toothiana and her parents again and again whenever the hunters stalked the jungle. Toothiana, wiser still, stayed in the treetops by day and only visited her parents in the darkest hours of the night.

After weeks of failing to capture Toothiana, the parents of the village became more sly. They followed their children into the jungle and found where Toothiana and her parents were staying. They left a trail of coins for the hunters. But the only hunter who followed was the Mysterious one. He commanded that Toothiana's parents be kidnapped and it be said that if Toothiana did not show, her parents would be murdered. And so Rashmi and Haroom were attacked in their camp. They surrendered without a fight. Rashmi and Haroom had told Toothiana never to come after them if they were in danger. But the Mysterious Hunter declared that the winged girl's parents would be killed by dawn if Toothiana did not show.

The animals of the jungle heard. They ran to Toothiana and told her what was happening. Toothiana, usually known for being kind and compassionate, withdrew her swords and flew off like a torpedo to her parents. But Haroom and Rashmi, both with hearts of gold and proud warriors, refused to let their daughter be captured. As Toothiana came, they fought like possessed beings. But as they did, so did the villagers and hunters.

Toothiana darted left to right, reaching and pawing for her parents over the angry mob, but it was no use. Finally, she reached them, but she didn't have the strength to lift them up over the angry mob. Rashmi took out a stringed pouch and gave it to her daughter, saying that its contents would protect and comfort her. And then, heartbroken but determined, Rashmi and Haroom commanded their child to go. Toothiana almost did so, but stopped, unsure of what to do. Finally, she flew away, screaming. It was a horrible, mesmerizing scream, half-human and half-bird. As she screamed, the Mysterious Hunter screamed back. His scream was terrifying, soul-freezing, filled with hatred and fury, more animal than human. Toothiana then knew she had an enemy: one she could either kill or be killed by.

But now she could only grieve. She flew to the highest treetop in the land and sat there. She did not cry, not a single tear. But she ached, both outside and inside, with the blank trench of an empty life. For a full day she sat in the tree in a phase of disbelief and sadness. Then she remembered the pouch Rashmi had given her. Opening it, she found a shimmering ruby box, obviously carved from the arrow that had almost killed her parents. A note was alongside the box, containing this message:

Our Dearest Girl,

These are the teeth of your childhood. If you have them under your pillow in your sleep, or if you hold them tightly, you will remember that which you need--a memory of happy days, or of deepest hopes, or even of us in better days.

But one tooth is not yours. It's a tooth of amazing power, and from what being it comes from, we did not know,

Use it only in times of great danger or need.

Your Dearest Parents

Toothiana still did not cry. Instead, she slept with her teeth under her pillow, letting the hopes and dreams and happiness of her childhood wrap around her in a loving blanket.

Toothiana stayed in the jungle. But she hated her wings. If it weren't for them, her parents would still be alive. The creatures of the jungle did their best to comfort her, bringing her the freshest of food and making her treetop beds as soft as possible. The children of the village also tried to cheer Toothiana up, but they had to be extra cautious now because of their parents.

But Toothiana became more and more convinced that she belonged nowhere--not with the animals of the jungle, and certainly not with the humans of the village. She was all alone. At her saddest, she would take one of her baby teeth and hold it close.

Years passed, but Toothiana never felt or saw herself aging. The children of the village were growing up, losing some of their innocence and goodness. So she began to collect their teeth so that in the future she could return their memories to them and remind them of their kindness, just as her parents had done for her.

The children feared that their parents would find out and hunt down Toothiana again, so they decided to hide their teeth beneath their pillows to be found. Toothiana, enjoying this new game of sorts, decided to leave them treasures, like sprinkles of sapphire bits, or chips of gold.

But the parents became suspicious when their children woke in the morning with handfuls of rubies or emeralds, and demanded their children to tell them where they received them. They then set a new trap for Toothiana.

One night, Toothiana flew to the village on one of her nightly rounds. A boy named Akela had lost his two front teeth, and Toothiana had a great treasure in store for him, two uncut diamonds. But as she entered his room through his window, it wasn't Akela she found. Instead the Mysterious Hunter leaped at her.

Toothiana's rage and fury could be contained no more. She needed to get rid of this thing once and for all. But before she could fly forward, or brandish her swords, a steel wall fell before her. And then one behind her and to her sides. She wasn't in Akela's room--she was in a giant cage. The parents of the village cheered as the Hunter hauled away the cage, with help from his platoon of helpers. The children bawled and wept, begging and pleading with their parents to let Toothiana go. But they wouldn't. The Hunter had promised them riches beyond their wildest dreams when he sold Toothiana. They were willing to give up an innocent, kind-hearted girl for wealth.

Toothiana tried to escape, flinging herself at the cage, but found it no good. The Hunters still hauled her cage through the jungle. They knew the animals of the jungle would tried to help Toothiana, so they warded them off with fire. Because they did, the creatures stayed a good distance away, but never stopped following them, waiting for a chance to free the innocent girl and attack her kidnappers.

After days of travel, the Mysterious Hunter, his helpers, Toothiana, and the animals arrived at Toothiana's birthplace: the palace of Punjam Hy Loo. The flying elephants, their wings outstretched and their trunks ready to strike, ready to defend their palace. The animals had warned them of the Hunter's arrival.

The Mysterious Hunter did not challenge the elephants. Instead, he raised his bright torch of fire higher, declaring that he had brought an offering for the Sisters of Flight and their flying elephants. But no Sister of Flight could be seen or heard. The Hunter declared that he had the half-breed daughter of Haroom and Rashmi.

The wind blew down fiercely, the leaves of the trees snapping off into the air. Some torches went out, but most stayed a lit. Toothiana knew it was a wind sent by the Sisters of Flight. And she also knew it was time to take out her box of memory teeth.

Then a chorus of voices, lovely but sharp, rang out all around. 'Why cage our child? Where be her mother and father? What trick of men do you bring us? What do you seek from us?'

The Hunter took off his cloak for the first time. He was no man whatsoever, but a tall monkey. He declared he was once a maharaja but now stood as the king of monkeys. Then all the helpers withdrew their clothes, revealing them all to be monkeys. The Monkey King also declared that Toothiana's parents were dead, by his doing, and that he sought revenge for being turned into a monkey. He then withdrew a bow and arrow, aiming it straight at Toothiana's heart.

But before he could fire at her, Toothiana raised the ruby box in her hand and held it tightly. She pictured her parents, laughing and smiling, playing and comforting her, and sacrificing themselves for her...

The cage was suddenly gone. And Toothiana was no longer alone, but was surrounded by a swarm of MiniFairies, small hummingbird-like creatures that resembled Tooth with some exceptions. The Sisters of Flight flew ahead, creating a tornado of wind that blew out the torches. The animals attacked, alongside the flying elephants. The Minifairies charged at the Monkey King. He clawed at them, but they were too fast. Toothiana was at first mystified by her new minions, but only for a second. Within an instance, she grabbed the Monkey King by his throat and lifted him up.

Rage and fury swelled inside Toothiana at this being who slaughtered her parents. She could kill him now and be done with him forever. But her ruby box glowed, and the memory of her parents stopped her. She wouldn't end the Monkey King's life. Let the jungle choose his fate.

She let him go.

And then she flew up to the flying Sisters of Flight, all with her new fleet of MiniFairies.

The animals of the jungle and the flying elephants of Punjam Hy Loo charged at the Monkey King and attacked, clawing and biting and smashing.

His screams could be heard all the way up to the Moon.

When all was done with the Monkey King, Toothiana flew up to join the Sisters of Flight in Punjam Hy Loo. They asked about her parents, and she sadly explained how they'd been slaughtered. Then the Sisters of Flight began to fly in a rapid tornado, all of them turning into wooden carvings, like statues. Toothiana was terrified, but one of the Sisters explained that if one of them dies, they all die. Toothiana would be queen now, protecting the memories of children's teeth.

Powers and Abilities


Tooth has the ability to freely fly (wings), as well as hover in place without tiring out. However, when the amount of belief in the world is weakened, so is Tooth's ability to fly. Notably, when children stop believing, her feathers start to fall out, although she is not badly affected at that moment besides that. When Jamie Bennett is the last believer in the world, Tooth is unable to fly at all and falls out of North's sleigh even trying. Its not until she gains more believers in the form of Jamie's friends that she can fly again.

Combat Skills

Tooth is able to sword fight, and her wings, as seen in the movie, were used as blades to destroy Pitch's nightmares as she twisted herself like a tornado.


Tooth is also able to speak every language and communicate with many different beings.


Tooth used to collect the teeth herself until she entrusted the task to her Mini-Fairies.

According to The Guardians of Childhood series, the Mini-Fairies are extensions of Tooth herself, that she can split herself into smaller copies, and she is mentally connected to all of them.


As Tooth is the Guardian of Memories, she appears to have an insight on the Memories of Childhood as the teeth she and her fairies collect carry the most precious memories of childhood. As she said to Jack Frost, they watch over the children and their memories, and when someone needs to remember what's important, they bring those memories back to help them.

Tooth seems to sense whenever a child loses a tooth (and how they lost the tooth in question) and assigns fairies locations of where to collect the teeth.

To ensure children continue to believe in her, Tooth and her fairies leave behinds gifts (often coins) in exchange for the teeth.


Tooth can use her fleet of mini-fairies to attack. Also, in the novelization, it says that Tooth uses her wings to 'slice' through the Nightmare creatures. Her wings may serve as replacements for her swords.


The Guardians of Childhood

Picture books

Chapter books

Rise of the Guardians




Video Games

Creation and Conception

A vivacious half-hummingbird character with iridescent feathers and dragonfly wings, the Tooth Fairy and her army of cute, little mini-teeth fairies collect teeth from children all over the world. “She needs to maintain contact with every one of her fairies at every moment, so she’s constantly distracted,” Ramsey says. “But, there’s an important reason for her obsession with teeth. Inside every tooth is the most important memory of childhood at that point. So, she’s safeguarding childhood memories needed later in life.”

Hordos and Wanneroy had difficulty finding the performance for this character at first. “She looked like a woman in a feather suit,” Hordos says. “So we decided that we’d never let her walk. As soon as we tested her hovering and flying with that zippy feeling a hummingbird has, she worked.”

Other than a bit of flesh on her face, feathers completely cover her body.

When her feathers are unruffled, she looks like she’s wearing a princess dress, but when angry, the feathers flair out. She uses a tail with long strands of feathers to turn, much like a bird. Animators controlled some feathers; others moved as the skin moved. The riggers incorporated feather movement into the facial rig: when animators move her eyebrows, feathers grown later move as well.

“It was super challenging to make that look good,” Hordos says. “To keep her brow shapes simple to read clearly and have the feathers stay on top of each other and bend in the right way took animators, character effects, rigging, and surfacing all working together. The animators see a plain surface without feathers; the feathers all grow in character effects. So, we could control the skin simulation that put extra movement in the feathers, but we couldn't see the result until after character effects and lighting. It took a long time to figure out our limitations, but connecting the feathers to her emotions is a nice, subtle thing. When her head feathers pop out in anger, we’d fluff out her shoulder and chest feathers.”

Fok and Gregory together led the teams of riggers and effects artists who created the feather system. “She has a lot of feathers, a lot of controls, and that meant a lot of headaches,” Prescott says. “We couldn't model every feather, but we needed to give animators the ability to move the feathers without interpenetrations. And, the feathers change scale. So, we had a lot of clever people building a tight system. We modeled and rigged most of the feathers on her head. On her body, we instanced master feathers that we controlled almost like a particle system. The whole mass fluffs up and down when she moves.”

When Tooth flies, her dragonfly wings move so quickly the lighters used sub-frame motion blur to keep the wings visible. “She has four wings on each side, and to get the rhythm right and make sure they worked to camera was a huge deal,” Hordos says. “She moves like a bird, but she’s a warrior, too, super badass. She can use her wings as knives to punch through the nightmares.” Lighting artists added little flecks of changing highlights, and a shader carefully controlled by these artists gave Tooth her iridescent look.[1]


Guardians G symbol.png
  • There is one mini fairy who always follows Tooth named Baby Tooth.
  • Tooth's signature color is pink/purple.
  • Tooth, Jack Frost and The Sandman are the only Guardians who possess the ability to fly on their own.
  • Tooth's tail-feathers were designed to look like the drapery of a dress, giving her the appearance of a princess.
  • In the books, Tooth can communicate with her Mini Fairies via telepathy.
  • In the Mini Fairy section of the art book, it says that "The Mini Fairies are infatuated with Jack." This is explained because Tooth is confirmed to have a small crush on Jack.
  • Tooth is the only female Guardian.
  • If you look closely, you will see that there are rings of gold feathers around Tooth's wrists and ankles, resembling bracelets and anklets.
  • Tooth is the only Guardian to only have one line in either of the trailers: "Wings up and take no prisoners!"
  • Tooth lives in a palace in Southeast Asia along with millions of Mini Fairies.
  • The Mini Fairies job is to retrieve the baby teeth children put under their pillows, and replace them with a gift, and bring the teeth back to the palace to be stored.
  • The teeth of children are collected by Tooth, who stores them in a puzzle box that only she, her fairies and the child itself can open.
  • Tooth's wings can be used as weapons to slice through things, such as Pitch's Nightmare minions.
  • When a child is lost, troubled, confused or uncertain what to do next, Tooth returns the teeth to the person so they will remember the hopes and dreams of their childhood.
  • Tooth's Palace is suspended high above clouds to protect it from intruders.
  • Each marble tower in Tooth's Palace represents a different continent.
  • Tooth's memory library keeps expanding as more teeth are stored over the generations.
  • Tooth can split into smaller copies of herself, which allows her to actually pull off tooth fairy duties nightly.
  • A very important sequence of the story happens at Tooth Palace. When the Guardians arrive, they discover Pitch had taken all the memory teeth, as well as kidnapping the Mini Fairies. Tooth, who is a very strong mother-figure, begins to lose her feathers out of worry. They also encounter Pitch, commencing a battle that Tooth is a great part of. When he escapes, the Guardians begin to plan how to get the Mini Fairies and teeth back, but the palace begins to disintegrate around them.
  • Tooth can speak every language in the world.
  • Tooth is older than the mountains, but younger than the wind.
    • This would probably make her the third oldest guardian next to the Sandman and Bunnymund. But though her physical age would probably be hundreds/thousands of years old, her visible age is 15-17.
  • Tooth's feathers ruffle whenever she experiences strong emotion.
  • Prior to Pitch kidnapping her fairies, Tooth hadn't been out to collect teeth for over 440 years.
  • According to Patrick Hanenberger, the Tooth Fairy is not a “princess fairy" but a creature inspired by the mythological “kinnara", a bird human hybrid.
  • According to William Joyce, the Tooth Fairy is among the characters that were inspired by his wife.[2]