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Tooth Box
General Information
Full name(s)
Location Tooth's Palace
Manufacturer(s) Toothiana
Type Magic Box
Usage Protect the teeth & memories in them
Owner(s) Children
Production Information
Appearances Rise of the Guardians

The Tooth Box is an item used by Tooth to protect the memories and teeth of the children of the world. These boxes can only be opened by Tooth herself, her fairies, or the owner of the teeth. Since the population of the world has increased, more Tooth Boxes are being created to hold the baby teeth of the new children.


The cylinder takes on a gold shine and has a flat, decorated surface of colors and shapes. The side circles of the cylinder shows the face of the child who owned the teeth inside.


  • The baby teeth that are kept inside hold the memories of the owner's greatest moment in their childhood.
  • As shown with Jack and Baby Tooth, only the owner of the box actually sees the memories inside even when a fairy is nearby. Jack specifically asked Baby Tooth if she'd seen his memories but she said she didn't.


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