The Story of Jack Frost
Author(s) Farrah McDoogle (adapter)
Illustrator(s) Larry Navarro
Publisher Simon Spotlight
Publication Date October 2, 2012
No. of Pages 24
ISBN 978-1442453050
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The Story of Jack Frost: The Guardians need help. Jack Frost isn't a Guardian but he has amazing powers. Could he be the hero the Guardians have been looking for?


Get to know Jack Frost, the unassuming hero of the Rise of the Guardians movie!

The Guardians are in trouble—Pitch wants to take over the world, and they need help to stop him. Jack Frost is not a Guardian, but he does have incredible powers. He can ride the wind like a champion snowboarder and create a massive blizzard anytime he wants. Could Jack be the hero the Guardians have been searching for? Find out in this 8x8 paperback based on the Rise of the Guardians movie.[1]



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