In the last battle of the Golden Age against Pitch and his Fearlings, the five pieces of the Moon Clipper fell to Earth and were lost for centuries. If the five pieces were brought together they would become the most formidable weapon against Pitch.

Under the Man in the Moon's orders, The Guardians are now on a search for the missing pieces of the Moon Clipper to defeat Pitch once and for all.

Tsar Lunar XI's Sword


The first relic of The Moon Clipper, Tsar Lunar XI's Sword

The first Artifact obtained by the Guardians was the only remaining piece of the Moon Clipper that the Man in the Moon was able to reclaim, the sword that belong to his father, Tsar Lunar XI, the last ruler of the Golden Age. MIM presented the sword to the Guardians as a tool to help them in their battle against Pitch, and Ombric decided the sword was meant for North, who vowed to wield it wisely and well.

The sword itself is of unusual design and capable of changing both its form and material. Made of alien metal, the sword would shift from iron to steel to even metal that is not known on Earth. It could also become highly magnetic or glow like sunlight or moonlight, and even change in shape depending on the needs of the wielder in battle. While heavy in appearance the sword is light in the wielder's hand. The handle is coated in jewels and etched into the handle is a handsome script that reads "Tsar Lunar XI". On the blade is a golden orb that glowed and on its tip is a crescent moon. The orb can also open to reveal a map of earth with four jewels on it, each one for another piece of the Moon Clipper and it is by using this map that the Guardians are able to locate the other artifacts. The sword is capable of cutting through boulders, jumping into the owner's hand and making the them invincible in battle. However, the sword is not for mere fighting, within it hold many secrets of the Golden Age, and who ever wields the sword will be granted great learning, wisdom and courage. In reality it is the sword that guides the user, not the other way around, leading it's owner into a guard or thrust. It will also not kill or wound those of pure heart, as shown when Pitch tried to use the sword against North.

The Egg

The second piece of the Moon Clipper to be found by North and Katherine was in the possession of E. Aster Bunnymund, who was unwilling to relinquish ownership over the relic as it rightfully belonged to him. The artifact is in the form of an egg, made out of the same alien metal as the sword, and was in fact help crafted by Bunnymund himself. Carved on the egg's surface are various suns, moons and stars, and on the center is a crescent moon that glows with the same intensity as the orb on Tsar Lunar XI's sword. Beneath the shell is the purest light in all creation, from the beginning of time, the very same light that all Pookas have sworn to wield and protect.

The egg was first given to the people of the Golden Age, who the Pooka's believed they had shown the most promise and could be trusted to use the light's power wisely. However, when the war against Pitch lead to the destruction of the people of the Golden Age and nearly wiped out all of the Pooka clan, Tsar Lunar XI sent the egg back to Bunnymund, who then brought it to Earth in hopes of starting a new Golden Age.

With the power of the egg Bunnymund was capable of creating life on Earth, trees, flowers, spring, chocolate and many other aspects of life that humans are not aware of.

Baby Tooth

The third relic belongs to Queen Toothiana, given to her by her mother and Father, under the orders to "Keep these to remember us by. Keep these to protect yourself." before they died trying to protect her from The Hunter. The gift was in fact a small box covered in feathery patterns, carved from a giant ruby, the same red ruby from the red-tipped arrow that had nearly killed Toothiana's parents. Inside the box was a loving farewell letter from her parents and a baby tooth, belonging to the Man in the Moon.

With the tooth, Toothiana is capable of seeing the memories within children's teeth, while also granting her the ability to makes smaller copies of herself.


The Sandman's Dreamsand is the fourth relic.


It is revealed in Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning, that Nightlight is the fifth and final relic of the Golden Age. The most powerful relic of the Golden Age, within each Nightlight is the energy of a star and no other creature in the universe has that power.


  • According to The Sandman and the War of Dreams, the combined power of the three relics with the Dreamsand is extraordinary. Their collective energy is nearly nuclear, but smooth and efficient rather than destructive. [1]