The Monkey King
Biographical Information
Full Name
Alias The Mysterious Hunter
Other Name(s) Lampwick Iddock of the Many Legs
Home Southeast Asia
Occupation(s) King
Morality Evil
Gender Male
Race (Formerly) Human

(Currently) Monkey

Eye Color
Hair Color
Allies Pitch
Minions Monkey Army
Enemies Haroom
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
First Seen Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s)
The Monkey King is Toothiana's nemesis. The Monkey King was once a vain and prideful maharaja and hunter. When he had his slave Haroom help him track the rarest of prey: A Flying Elephant in the jungles surrounding the home of the Sisters of Flight, Haroom refused to let him harm one of the flying women that came to save the elephant. They forced the Maharaja to leave what he brought in behind, which ended up including his humanity, transforming him. He vowed revenge and when Toothiana came of age, lead a group of hunters seeking to capture and exploit her as a freak show and killed her parents in the process.

He now works for Pitch, hoping he will restore his human form. In Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning, Pitch has changed his appearance from monkey to a lowlier form.


He was a human being until he was forced to leave what he brought behind turning him into a monkey. In Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning, he possess a human-like appearance with eight legs and a thin hairy tail covered by a long coat.
Lampwick and Blandim

Monkey King as Lampwick. Behind him is Blandim.



Haroom was the Maharaja's slave and best tracker. Before he became the Monkey King, he and Haroom were best friends. After Haroom refused to let the King kill one of the Sisters of Flight, he was forced to leave him along with his humanity. When Toothiana was of age, he willingly killed Haroom and his wife in order to get to their daughter.

Monkey Army


The Monkey King's Minions

The Monkey King's Minions is an army of monkeys that worked for The Monkey King and Pitch. They helped kidnapped Katherine and they tried to battle Toothiana until the Guardians arrive.

While they were loyal to The Monkey King, they left him behind when they couldn't win against Tooth and The Guardians. Since The Monkey King was captured, they are loyal to Pitch.


  • "Remember, remember, the moonlit flights of magic nights."
  • "Look Haroom, an even greater prize."
  • "Seize the parents. Make it known that I will slit their throats if Toothiana does not surrender. That will bring this child of flight out of hiding."
  • "The parents of the flying girl will die by dawn if she comes not!"
  • "I bring a treasure to the Sisters of Flight and the flying elephant king who dwell in Punjam Hy Loo!"
  • "I bring you the half-breed daughter of Haroom and Rashmi."
  • "A maharaja of men I once was, and by your doing, I am now a king of the monkeys!"
  • "You ask about her parents? Dead! By my doing! What do I seek? Revenge! On all who made me thus!"
  • "One who can make me human again- make me much, much maharaja. Can you do that?
  • "Wait until the King of Nightmares makes me the King of Mans again. I will you deader than your father!"
  • "He seeks to build an army. And turn the girl into his Darkling Princess."


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