The Man in the Moon short film is based on William Joyce's children book series "Guardians of Childhood". Reel FX animated Short Film "The Man in the Moon" (2005) was directed by William Joyce and the script written by David Lindsay-Abaire (Robots, Rabbit Hole).


Man In The Moon

Man In The Moon


In October 2012, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Reel FX's connection to the 2012 feature film, Rise of the Guardians. The film was based on the Reel FX's short Film, "The Man in the Moon", directed by William Joyce and based on the book of the same name. The animated short was the basis for the Feature length film production of Dreamworks Animation's "Rise of the Guardians".


  • The animated short is difficult to find online and it wasn't included as an extra for the DVD release of Rise of the Guardians.