Tsar Lunar,[2] known as the Man in the Moon or simply "MiM", was the very first Guardian who lived on the moon and protected the dreams of all children his ship. In the movie, he is shown to be a silent, but active, observer of the transpiring events. He is the one who convinces the four Guardians that Pitch's return was a true threat, and the one who chooses Jack Frost to be the newest Guardian to aid them.

Although he never actually speaks, he can communicate through the shining of the moon's light, and is frequently spoken to by other characters. Pitch considers him an "old friend", North refers to him as "Manny", and Jack often asks him who he (Jack) is, and why he was chosen. He is only ever represented in the movie as the moon itself.

The Guardians of Childhood



MiM as seen in the books.

The Man in the Moon (MiM) began his life in the Golden Age, when all dreams were possible. As a baby, the Man in the Moon had everything a child could need. He has his father, who showed him the wonder of the heavens; his mother, who read to him her Primer of Planets; and he had a devoted little friend named Nightlight, who watch over him.

Together they all sailed from one planet to another in their ship, the Moon Clipper. At night when the Moon Clipper turned into a moon, Nightlight sprinkled Dreamsand over MiM and sang him a lullaby. As MiM slept, Nightlight watched over him keeping him safe from nightmares.

But Pitch heard of him, a boy who had never had a nightmare, and decided to make that boy his Prince of Nightmares. MiM's parents decided to hide on a little planet called Earth but suddenly his family was attacked by Pitch, The Nightmare King. MiM's parents commanded Nightlight to take the baby to a hidden nursery in the ship, but only after taking the oath. Nightlight did as instructed and rushed MiM to safety, the Moon Clipper rocked as the battle continued. Knowing what to do next, Nightlight told MiM to remember him in his dreams, before he went to battle Pitch. Nightlight aimed the dagger at Pitch's heart causing a blinding flash followed by a great explosion.

After the battle, MiM found himself alone on a small moon, revolving around the planet called Earth. Twice he called, and listened but no answer came from his parents. In the sky, he noticed a group of new star shimmering above him. He stared at them until he was able to see his parents in this new constellation. Wondering about Nightlight, MiM got a glimpse of a shooting star as it fell to Earth. The remaining Moonbots, Moonmice and giant Glowworms surrounded and carried him into the tunnels of the moon to keep him safe.

Every night, MiM flew on the back on one of the Lunar Moths, until he was able to see his parents' constellations. He then when to sleep and dreamed about Nightlight and the Golden Age.

As time passed, the moon became his playground and every meal was lit by a school of Starfish. One day, he found his mother's book and remember something he had completely forgotten about. He ran to his father's telescope and spotted the little planet called Earth. To his surprise, he found that Earth was inhabited by children just like him.

Years went by, and MiM wasn't a child anymore. MiM decided to keep a watch over the children of Earth, and he discovered that if he held a balloon to his ear, he could hear the hope and dreams of the children. MiM learned that sometimes the children just needed a toy, candy or a prize to cheer them up, but he also discovered that they were still scared of the dark and were having nightmares. Mim vowed to never let their dreams be invaded by Pitch's nightmares and decided to call to his side, a band of heroes to serve as The Guardians.[3]

Rise of the Guardians

Powers and Abilities


The Man in the Moon is the Guardian of the Children of Earth. He protects children's hope and wishes.[4]


The Man in the Moon is able to hear the secret fears and dreams of children via lost balloons that waft up to the moon.[5]

Baby Teeth

The Man in the Moon's baby teeth are one of The Relics. They have a special power that let's Toothiana have the ability to see the memories within children's teeth, while also granting the ability to makes smaller copies of herself.


The Man in the Moon (The Guardians of Childhood)

  • "Toot toot?"
  • "There are children on Earth! Children like me!"
  • "Now the children of Earth will see the moon's smiling face and know they have a Nightlight to guard them forever!"

The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie

  • "I wish you well."
  • "I wish that you would help. When the moon's not full and bright, would you keep the children safe at night?"

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

  • "Greetings, my valiant friends. You have faced the greatest evil of any age, and yet you never wavered. Each of you was willing to sacrifice everything for this cause. Such bravery. Such skill. Such wisdom you each have shown! For that you have my deepest thanks."
  • But this fight is far from over, Pitch lives and will not stop. Can you- will you- continue the fight?"
  • "Then you will need help."
  • "There are four other pieces of my Moon Clipper that fell to Earth in the last Battle of the Golden Age. If these five pieces are brought together, they will become a most formidable weapon against Pitch. This first piece was my father's sword. But this is not a merely a sword for battle. Within its workings are many of the secrets of the Golden Age. Whoever wields it will need great learning, wisdom, and courage. Who among you shall take it?"

Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

  • "My valiant friends. Each night I send thousands of moonbeams down to Earth, and each night they return clear and untarnished by Pitch's dark ways."
  • "It appears the world is on the cusp of a new Golden Age, a Golden Age on Earth. And it is you, my Guardians, who must guide its creation. It is a task of great daring imagination and thoughtful dreaming."

The Sandman and the War of Dreams

  • "I wish that you would help. Your powers are needed."

Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning

  • "How long has Nightlight slept?"
  • "Nightlight will change. As will you. But you will become the keeper of his past."
  • "Within each Nightlight is the energy of a star. No other creature in the universe has more power. Pitch will attack from the Moon's shadow side. And he will come for Nightlight."
  • "Besides, your- courage is large, but the ship is small."
  • "We must let him continue on his sleep journey. Let's leave him in peace, shall we?"
  • "Let loose the Lunars."
  • "He means to overwhelm us by sheer numbers."
  • "So it seemed Pitch has covered himself in a cloak of dark matter; that's how he can use the light of the relics against us. The combined light of all the relics was too poweful even for the Guardians. The cloak will protect him. He will not succeed. Tell the mice to fire."
  • "Engage the mirror shields."
  • "You'll go no further, Pitch! You'll never get the boy!"
  • "One more step, and by all the powers of my parents and the stars above you will be destroyed!"
  • "It is the Seven Stars of the Nightlights."


Guardians G symbol
  • Nightlight was The Man in the Moon's personal Guardian. He was also the one that gave him the nickname of Man in the Moon.[6]
  • When the Man in the Moon was little, he wished on the Sandman's shooting star.
  • In Rise of the Guardians, the Man in the Moon is never seen in person, although Pitch and the Guardians are constantly talking to him from a distance, suggesting the filmmakers intended for MiM to act as more of a more spiritual deity.


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