The Golden Age

During the Golden Age, travel between planets and stars was common with the use of airships that would sail the Sea of Stars. The universe was governed by Constellations, groups of planets and stars led by benevolent families that ruled with imagination and fairness. But evil came in the form of Fearlings, Nightmare Men, and Dream Pirates, who threatened the peace.

The House of Lunanoff vowed to rid the universe of their evil, so together with the other Constellations they "Built a prison out of lead in the farthermost regions of space." to confine the Fearlings and their ilk. Kozmotis Pitchiner led the Golden Armies in capturing them, then volunteered to keep watch over them. As time passed, Kozmotis started to miss his daughter and the Fearlings took the opportunity to trick Kozmotis by pretending to be his daughter. Kozmotis, believing that his daughter was trap, opened the gates letting the Fearlings escaped and simultaneously get possessed by them, turning Kozmotis Pitchiner into Pitch Black, the Nightmare King.[1][2]

His mind, now twisted with thoughts of vengeance, Pitch set out to destroy the Lunanoffs and the Golden Age by turning all good dreams into nightmares. He plundered planets, extinguished stars and scuttled airships, replacing every dream with a nightmare. He hungered for children's dreams the most; and occasionally, he would turn children into Fearlings. After ravaging every outpost, he went after the Constellation Lunanoff, determined to turn their son, who had never had a nightmare, into his Prince of Nightmares. During this time, Pitch and his fearling fought in the battle were he almost lost against the Pooka resulting in Bunnymund becoming the last of his race.

The Lunanoffs boarded their airship, the Moon Clipper, and set sail for the distant planet of Earth.

One of the many shooting stars Pitch scuttled was the Sandman's, which resulted in him crash-landing on Earth. The Man in the Moon, all grown up, sees the Sandman's shooting star crashed on Earth and recognized him from when he was little and he wished on his shooting star. Deciding to protect the children of Earth, The Man of the Moon asked his old friend, the Sandman, to joined him on the battle against the Nightmare King.

Moon Transformation

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  • Pitch and Nightlight were imprisoned sometime before the emergence of the Lunar Lamas during or before the time of Atlantis.[3] This would therefore place their imprisonment sometime before or after 9,600 B.C. which is, presumably, around the time Atlantis existed as a strong naval power.[4]