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The Globe of Belief
General Information
Full name(s)
Location North's Workshop
Manufacturer(s) Nicholas St. North
Pitch Black
Type Magic Globe
Usage Shows the lights of the Believers
Owner(s) Nicholas St. North
Pitch Black
Production Information
Appearances Rise of the Guardians

The Globe of Belief is the Nerve Center of North's Workshop. It is a giant globe of the Earth. It has special lights seen all over the continents, which represent the location of the children that believe in the Guardians. Good or Bad, Naughty or Nice, North and his fellow Guardians protect the Children of the World.

Lights of Children

The Globe has some special light that shows every child on Earth that believes. When the child stops believing, the light is turned off. If enough children stop believing, the Guardians will disappear, so the globe is critical for the Guardians if it helps them keep the beliefs up.

Pitch's Globe

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Pitch has a similar globe in his lair only a darker color. The globe works the same as North, but Pitch tries to use his fear to turn off the lights.


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  • The location of North's Globe is in North's Workshop in a special room called the Globe Room. This room is the council area and the room where the Guardians gather.
  • North's version of the globe has labels like indicating locations, icebergs, rain and the loss of a few toys in the Australian Ocean.
    • The last name Ratchford appears a few times throughout the globe. This is a reference to Brian Ratchford, who is presumably responsible for the globe.