The Art of Rise of the Guardians (The Art of Dreamworks)
Author(s) Ramin Zahed
Illustrator(s) William Joyce, Alec Baldwin (Contributors)
Publisher Titan Publishing Group, 2012
Publication Date October 22, 2012
No. of Pages 352 pages
ISBN 1781165815, 9781781165812
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The Art of Rise of the Guardians is a art-of book that shows the conceptual artwork and development of Dreamworks' Rise of the Guardians.

Featuring a foreword by William Joyce, the author of The Guardians of Childhood, and an introduction by Alec Baldwin (voice of Nicholas St. North).

Book Description

Publication Date: October 22, 2012 | Series: The Art of Dreamworks

In Rise of the Guardians, North (Alec Baldwin), Bunnymund (Hugh Jackman), Tooth (Isla Fisher), and Sandman try to recruit the mysterious Jack Frost (Chris Pine) to help them stop Pitch (Jude Law) from putting an end to childhood belief and sending the world into eternal darkness.

Rise of the Guardians is one of DreamWorks Animation’s most ambitious films to date, allowing families to get to know the icons of childhood in a whole new way. Its mythic premise provided the artists at the studio with an opportunity to let their imaginations soar, producing a truly unique take on the imaginary figures of childhood and the innocence and joy they represent. The Art of Rise of the Guardians is a fascinating look at the ways these artists and craftspeople collaborated to create a stunning CG movie in 3D that will change the way we look at childhood.[1]