Sophie Bennett Relationship Quotes

Sophie Bennett
Biographical Information
Full Name Sophie Bennett
Alias Ankle-Biter
Other Name(s)
Age 2 [1]
Home Burgess
Morality Good
Gender Female
Race Human, Believer
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Relative(s) Jamie Bennett (older brother)
Mrs. Bennett (mother)
Allies Jack Frost
Enemies Pitch
Powers and Abilities
Background Information
First Seen Rise of the Guardians
Last Seen
Voice Actor(s) Georgie Grieve

Sophie Bennett is the younger sister of Jamie Bennett. She is only two years old.


Sophie has emerald green eyes and messy blond hair with bangs cut short at her left eye and gets longer at her right eye. She is seen to wear mint-green pajamas and walks around barefoot for a good part of the movie. She cannot speak very well because of her young age.


Sophie is a very curious young girl. She seems to love everything magical and like her brother, loves the guardians as well, and is very fond of Bunnymund and his Easter eggs.

Rise of the Guardians

Sophie is first seen when Jamie arrives at his house with his friends, Caleb and Claude, to pick up his sled. When Sophie hears the boys mention the Easter Bunny, she gets excited and tries to hop, but she and Jamie's dog, Abby accidentally knocks her down. At bedtime, Jamie tells Sophie about his sledding adventure, and askes her if she wants to stay with him to wait for the Tooth Fairy, but their mother tells them no, and takes a giggling Sophie to bed.

Later that night, the Guardians were in Jamie's Bedroom to collect his lost tooth. After a bit confrontation between Abby and Bunnymund, Sandy accidentally put Jamie and the other Guardians to sleep, except for Jack and himself. While Jack and Sandy went to follow a nightmare, Sophie sneaked in the room. The toddler tried to climb up on North before a snow globe fell from his pocket. As she picked it up, she saw Bunnymund, then joyfully exclaimed "Bunny," and jumped, resulting in the snow globe creating the destination to the Warren. She started to walk while admiring the pictures of the Warren in the Snow Globe, until she tripped on a sleeping Abby resulting in the snow globe opening a portal. Curious, she enters the Warren.

A few hours later, the Guardians arrive to the Warren to find Sophie playing hide-and-go-seek with the eggs. Jack, using his magic, inspired Bunnymund to have fun with her and the two ran around the Warren making the Easter Eggs. She soon fell asleep and Jack volunteered to take her back home. At the house, Jack has trouble with her letting go of him before he was able to place her in the bed due to her grip on him. She turned and fell off causing her mom to asked if that was her. Jack left the house and made his way to the Warren until his memories started calling for him.

Sophie is later seen watching a butterfly made of Dreamsand before she made her way to where Jamie and his friends were. She participated in the snowball fight and eventually she said her goodbyes to Bunnymund who revealed he was going to miss her and gave her a few eggs as a present.


In the credits, the elves took her back home and back to bed before she fell on top of one of them.

In a epilogue written by Louie Del Carmen, Sophie is asleep in her bed, while Jamie is looking for clues about the event of the night before.[2]


Guardians G symbol
  • Sophie and Jack's sister have the same hairstyle: bangs push over their right eye.
  • In the movie, she didn't seem to slip off Jack's arms when he was bringing her home despite the fact that only someone who believes in Jack can be touched by him, showing a possible belief in Jack. However, since Jack himself has accepted Jamie as his first believer, it is possible that this may be due to the fact that she was sleeping at the time.