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Skreeklavic Shadowbent is the commander of the Werewolfian Hordes of old Transylvania and a frenemy of Jack Frost. He lives high in the Carpathian Mountains, the wildest, most primordial part of Transylvania.



He and Jack don't always see eye to eye. But Shadowbent has a dark and merry sense of humor. He and his followers are men who become beasts to fight injustice. They only savage those who savage the weak.[1]

Powers and Abilities

While most of his powers are a mystery, he can be consider a powerful entity as he's able to command the Werewolfian Hordes.

It has been revealed that he has a certain allegiance to Jack's benefactor, The Man in the Moon. For it is the full moon that gives Shadowbent his powers.


  • Skreeklavic was first revealed on a post made by William Joyce on his Instagram. [2]
  • Shadowbent does know Pitch and knows the Nightmare King’s deepest fear and weakness.