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Pitch Black Relationship Quotes

This page contains quotes said by Pitch Black in Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood.

Rise of the Guardians


  • "That dream is over! It is time for fear to rule the world!"
  • "You can't kill fear, Jack."
  • "Wherever there is hope, I'll turn it into fear."
  • "My army is ready."
  • "That dream is over; is time for fear to rule the world."
  • "What an adorable dream. What's more powerful? It's Fear."



  • [First line] "Oh, I thought I heard the clippity-clop of a unicorn!"
  • "What an adorable dream! And look at her- oh! Precious child... so sweet, so full of hope and wonder. Why, there's only one thing missing: a touch of Fear!"
  • [Upon corrupting Cupcake's dream] "What a pretty little nightmare!"
  • [To the Man in the Moon] "Don't look at me like that, old friend. you must have known this day would come. My nightmares are finally ready. Are your Guardians?"
  • "Maybe I want what you have, to be believed in. Maybe I'm tired of hiding under beds!"
  • [to Bunny] "Oh, go suck an egg, rabbit."
  • [watching as Sandy is consumed by Nightmares] "I'd say sweet dreams"...but there aren't any left!"
  • "No Christmas, or Easter, or little fairies that come in the night. There will be nothing but fear, and darkness...and me. It's your turn not to be believed in."
  • [After Jack destroys his tsunami of nightmares and blasts him to the ground] "Finally! Someone who knows how to have a little fun!"
  • [To Jack] "No? I don't know what it's like to be cast out? To not be believed in! To long for... a familiy... All those years in the shadows, I thought no one else knows what this feels like... but now I see I was wrong."
  • "We don't have to be alone Jack. I believe in you. And I know children will too."
  • "We won't be needing any Christmas toys this year, thank you. Nor ever again!" [a yeti groans as he has just finished repainting a giant stack of toys.]
  • "So, what do you think, Jamie, do you believe in the Boogey-?"
  • "You can't get rid of me! Not forever! There will always be fear!"
  • "Really? Then what are they doing here?"
  • [As he is attacked and dragged back into his lair by his Nightmares] "Hr? Ah! Noooo! No, no, no! Ahaaa! Nooooooo!"


  • Jack: "What did you do?"
  • Pitch: "More to the point. what did you do?"
  • Pitch: "What goes together better than cold and dark? We can make them believe! We'll give them a world where everything! Everything is-"
  • Jack: "Pitch Black?"
  • Pitch: "...And Jack Frost too. They'll believe in both of us."

The Guardians of Childhood

The Man in the Moon (The Guardians of Childhood)

  • "Where is that oh so innocent child who has never had a nightmare?"

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

  • "This is all that's left of your precious wizard."
  • "In time..., in time you'll be mine."
  • "May I be your apprentice too, Master Ombric? I learned your spells of enslavement quickly enough!"
  • "You're my slaves now! My little puppets."
  • "Now tell me of this weapon you seek."
  • "You pathetic toys. Are you useless to me?"
  • "The weapon is here- that much is certain. In time I'll find it. All the magic I may need is in those books of yours. I need no tutor."
  • "Little man, how useless you've become. (turns to Katherine) I once had a Fearling prince slip out of my grasp, but it won't happen again. But before I turn you into a Fearling princess, I want to hear one last scream. (turns to a Fearling) Crush him. Now."
  • "What a feisty Fearling you'll be."
  • "How does it feel to have your own invention best you in every way?"
  • "I've scuttled whole planets, burglar. You're just another inconvenience."
  • "What sort of trick is this? I can slice you in two before you can lift a sword."
  • "I'll keep the djinni as a gift. Let's just say it 'suits' me."

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!

  • "I need those books! Ombric must give them to me. So you little ones will be my bait!"
  • "Take me to the core!" (ordering the djinni)
  • To Petter -  "I remember what I said, boy. If your precious wizard hands over his library, perhaps I'll keep my promise. Or perhaps not."
  • "But you, (looking at Nightlight) you are another story."
  • "I'll turn you into my Fearling prince. And your friend, Katherine -when she arrives- will be my princess."
  • "Now you will be mine. You kept me imprisoned for centuries. Day after day, year after year, I dreamed of revenge..."
  • "Please be my guest, in this solid lead prison, created especially for you."
  • "The only way to open that door now will be to kill me. And who amongst you is up to that?!"
  • "They've got a Pooka with them!"
  • "Make ready! The battle begins!"
  • "Come, sprite, I've no time to dally with you just now."
  • "Why send a thief to do a Pooka's job?"
  • Where'd you steal that? It's a sword for a king, not a Cossack criminal."
  • "At ease, brigand. I've got what I asked for. The books are here."
  • "No need to attack, Cossack. A deal is a deal. We can part and fight another day. Yes?"
  • "But..., I must be sure these books are what they seem."
  • "They're all fake! FAKE!"

Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

  • "Greetings, my Darkling Daughter."
  • "Thought I was done for, didn't you? No, my dear. It's your so-called Guardians who will be destroyed."
  • "You preyed on my weakness, and that was very clever. But soon I'll be rid of any weakness. Your Golden Age, will become the Age of Nightmares!"
  • "Where is your king?"
  • "Left behind? Betrayed by his own. All the better! Do you have the relic?"
  • "That's exactly right. The Man in the Moon's toys are of some use to me. But the prize I seek is of greater value- much greater. With it I can make an undefeatable army."
  • "Your North isn't coming. The arrow isn't moving."
  • "They've abandoned you, their precious Katherine. To me. Your rightful place is at my side. Everyone's known that from the very moment you reminded me that I once had a daughter. I lost her, just like you lost your parents."
  • "You long for that, don't you? For the love of a parent- a father. I can give that to you... The locket- you know the one- it has your face in it now. You've seen it in your dreams, haven't you? You couldn't count on your parents. They left you. When you were just a baby. What kind of parents do THAT? And your friends- your Guardians- why, you can see for yourself that they aren't coming. Without me, you'd be alone. Abandoned. Again."
  • "One step more, and I make her mine."
  • "Bravo!"
  • "The flying elephant."
  • "Oh, I know that, Your Highness. Please remind me- what is it are you queen of? Ah, yes a bunch of ruins. A handful of little fairies and a flying elephant. An elephant that no one ever sees. Not much of a kingdom."
  • "Most articulate, Your Highness. Now, BRING OUT THE ELEPHANT, or I'll take this child- and blacken her soul forever."
  • "Oh, my dear girl. Your dinner knives can't harm me."
  • "No, you fool. I'll ask him to remove all of mine."
  • "It's my only imperfection, I can feel things. Human things. It's my only weakness. You should understand that, Your Highness, being half human yourself. Think of what you might accomplish if you didn't have that burden."
  • "If the elephant can take away all of this miserable creature's weaknesses, then it can surely take away mine."
  • "It's the only way you'll get her back."

The Sandman and the War of Dreams

  • "You saved me"- Pitch said after being abducted by Mother Nature.
  • "No! I never for a moment forgot you."
  • "I tried! I tried... For so long, I tried -."
  • "Yes, my daughter, I will not touch her."


  • "I'll be back soon. (His daughter: Promise?) On my soul."
  • "My wife and daughter? Where are they?"
  • "Because you were caught?"
  • "Have you harmed them?"
  • "Is this true?"
  • "Then feast your eyes on mine. They are the last things you will ever see."
  • "Ahoy, Dream Master!"
  • "Why do you send this dream of my dead daughter to plague me?"
  • "I have no hopes! This dream you sent is what killed my soul and made me what I now am! DEATH, I say, to who made me thus!"

Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning


  • "It is no boy I seek, but a Nightlight! The only Nightlight. He is the last relic! And with his heart, I will finally rid my own soul of the last glimmer of light that lives within me. I will finally be rid of any feeling other than hate. Hate for all things good."
  • "I fear no star. I fear no power! And I don't fear you!"
  • "You'll never bring light to my heart again, little man. I'll burn you like coal and use your blackened bones to make my evil complete!"
  • "Please! I have failed every being I have ever held dear! Use your sword! I cannot bear this goodness that still lives in my heart."
  • "Pleeeeease. Pleeeease let me die."


  • "You thought I had forgotten about your beloved adopted family. I was merely waiting for the right time to use them against you."