Pitch has several minions at his disposal.

Book Minions

  • A Dream Pirate.
  • An illustration of a Dream Pirate

Dream Pirates

Dream Pirates are indistinct, shadow-like figures that traverse the Sea of Stars on airships. They existed during the Golden Age and joined Pitch to chase down and extinguish shooting stars.[1]


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Fearlings in their (presumably) natural form.

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Fearlings are Pitch's most notorious minions. They are shadow-like creatures that existed during the Golden Age until they were captured by the Golden Armies.[2] Before Pitch became the Nightmare King, he guarded their prison until they tricked him into releasing them by making him think that his daughter, who was later identified as Mother Nature, was inside the prison.[2] He opened the gates in his moment of weakness and they then took control of his body, possessing him utterly.[3][2]

During the events at the Earth's core, they mined lead which they fashioned into armor and absorbed in order to become more solid and venture out into sunlight without being burned.[2]

When Pitch ransacked the Golden Age, he turned some children into Fearlings. It is currently unknown where most Fearlings originated.

Nightmare Men

Nightmare Men are shadowy, humanoid figures that existed during the Golden Age. Not much else is known about them; it is unknown whether Pitch still uses them as minions.[3]

Film Minions


Nightmares are sinister horse-like beings created out of blacksand -- originally Sandman's dreamsand corrupted and manipulated by Pitch.

Though they serve Pitch unwittingly yet efficiently for most of the time, they are not truly loyal to him, and will turn on him immediately. This is seen at the end of the movie, when they attack Pitch and drag him back into the shadows after he feels fear following his defeat. This, along with Pitch's statement earlier in the movie that they "smell fear", indicates that they are truly loyal only to fear itself and they will seek out and terrorize anyone who feels it.


Onyx is Pitch's pet Nightmare Horse who was originally a child's dream, most noticeably Cupcake's unicorn dream, which Pitch himself turns into a minion with a touch of fear- rendering it a Nightmare. Onyx is Pitch's trusted steed. It is notable that Onyx's name was never mentioned in the film, but rather in the screenplay.[4]

Video Game Minions

In the Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game Pitch is able to make more than just Nightmare Horses with Sandy's dreamsand; he is also capable of creating a wide range of Nightmare creatures to serve him in his fight with the Guardians.

  • Nightmare Wolves
  • Nightmare Bees and Nightmare Wolves
  • Nightmare Wolves
  • Nightmare Monkeys and Nightmare Bats
  • Nightmare Bees
  • Nightmare Thrasher

Nightmare Bat

"The swarming Nightmare Bat summons the smaller Nightmare Bats to protect its territory and avoid head-on conflict."

Nightmare Wolf

"The Nightmare Wolf strikes from the shadows. Upon its defeat, the wolf splits into two for a final attack. With its viscous speed, the bite of this Nightmare is not to be taken lightly."

Nightmare Rat

"The destructive power of the Nightmare Rat is swift and intense. It has the ability to leap at it's foe, twirling in the air before exploding."

Nightmare Monkey

"The agile Nightmare Monkey dashes and darts around it's enemies. You'll need to be quick to avoid its powerful bite. Monkeys often attack in groups, surrounding their foes and attacking from all sides."

Nightmare Man-O-War

"The Nightmare Man-O-War hides beneath the ground waiting for unsuspected foes to cross its path. Because it lurches with lashing, razor-sharp tentacles you'll need to be ready to dodge!"

Nightmare Lobster

"The monster from nightmares deep, this nightmare has its mind contorted by Pitch, sending it into madness. The last thing you want is the owner of giant hulking claws to be mad!"

Nightmare Thrasher

"The Nightmare Thrashers lurk deep underground. They stealth beneath their targets, patiently waiting for the right time to explode from the earth with a lash of their tendrils. Watch out for their bullets of pollen!"

Nightmare Elf

"The rascal Nightmare Elf won't hesitate in launching a fellow elf at oncoming threats. A eerie jingle warns of these fast and mischievous nightmares."

Nightmare Yeti

"The brutality of the Nightmare Yeti is so legendary that just the sight of them would make most heroes cower. Their vicious claws swipe at its foe before slamming the ground for an explosive attack."

Nightmare Bee

"Listen out for the dull humming sound of the Nightmare Bee preparing to strike with it's pointy stinger. The smaller bee enemies will swarm to defend their Queen from any threat."

Nightmare Bird

"The powerful Nightmare Bird is a jungle predator that swoops, claws and spits at anyone who dares enter its territory. The powerful beat of this bird's wings spills darkness across the world."


Guardians G symbol
  • The Nightmares's glowing golden eyes serve as a subtle reminder that they preserve a connection to the Sandman. And their shapes are reminiscent of the design motifs used for Sandman's sand-further visual evidence of their origin. [5]


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