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Pitch's Lair is an ancient palace that sunk into the ocean floor, surrounded by mud and rock. It's a huge underground base with multiple cages, bridges and escalators. The whole environment is built at an angle and it feels like it's falling off a cliff into an abyss. In addition, it has negative elements from all of the Guardians' respective worlds. For example, he has a globe, just like North does, to keep track of the belief of the world's children, but it's colored grey and black.

While this ancient palace is located in Venice, Italy, it has multiple entrances that connects it to different parts of the globe. One of these entrances is under a broken bed in the middle of the forest, not far from Burgess andJack's Pond.


In the chapter books, Pitch has multiple lairs all over the world. In E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!, Pitch builds a lair close to the Earth's core, since light cannot reach it. After failing to obtain the spellbooks from Ombric's library, Pitch kidnapped Nightlight and the children of Santoff Caussen, holding them hostage in lead cages. The walls of this lair were coated in metal, the air reeked of sulfur and shallow pools of milky lava flowed across the floor. Here, Pitch's Fearling Army built weapons and armour out of molten lead to battle the Guardians with.

In The Sandman and the War of Dreams, Pitch uses the cave Nightlight originally imprisoned them in, to hide a sleeping Katherine, encasing her in a coal-colored slab of marble that had been carved into a coffinlike shape, until Sandman and Nightlight came to rescue her.


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  • “One couldn’t really pick a more appropriate inspiration for Pitch’s home than the melancholy, sinking city of Venice. The decrepit walls of Pitch’s palace are sliding into the water, and the interiors are covered with mud. Set in one of the most haunting and beautiful cities in the world, the gloomy Renaissance-style lair is a reminder of the dark turn in the villain’s life took hundreds of years ago.”—The Art of Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians by Ramin Zahed.
  • In The Sandman and the War of Dreams, the cave in which Pitch and Nightlight were sealed for so many years is revealed to be near Native American land, outside a town called Tanglewood, in north-east America. This would also mean that Tanglewood is situated near the fictional town of Burgess, Pennsylvainia, where Jack Frost resides. Furthermore, the most Native American archaeological sites are nearly all situated in Pennsylvania.