Pippa is a tomboyish girl who lives in Burgess and is friends with Jamie Bennett. By the end of the movie she helps Jamie and the Guardians against Pitch. She also believes in Jack Frost and the other guardians thanks to Jamie.


Pippa has short reddish-brown hair that just goes past her ears and wears a white cap. She has brown eyes, wears a white quarter-sleeve shirt which is hidden under her green sweater, a green and white striped scarf, blue jeans, blue socks, and brown slip-on shoes. She has tan skin and plush cheeks.


Pippa has a cheery personality, much like Jamie Bennett and the rest of his friends.


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  • Throughout the whole movie, Pippa is always seen wearing her white cap, even while sleeping.
  • She seems to be Jamie's closest friend, as seen when they are having a snowball fight and looking for the Easter bunny.
  • Pippa and Jack Frost's sister are voiced by the same voice actor. (Due to this, many fans began to claim this name for Jack's sister.)
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