This is a list of locations that appeared in Rise of the Guardians as cameos.

Paris, France

Paris is one of Europe's most visited cities. France is also one of the places where the Guardians stopped to retrieve teeth and leave gift for the children in return.

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn appears when the Guardians are retrieving the teeth and a Nightmare sees them and goes back to tell Pitch.

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg appeared when Jack is causing mischief by freezing a water fountain while a kid drinking out of it, which results in the child getting stuck. Jack also freezes a street, making a man carrying packages slip and fall on the ice, and freezes the top of a fish bowl causing the fish to have trouble reaching for his food. Jack also used the wind to blow the paperwork of an adult out the window. Then Jack called the wind from the top of a building to take him back home, Burgess.

St. Petersburg appeared again when the Guardians are retrieving the teeth from under the beds.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China is the place where the retrieving of the teeth begins. Here, North transports through chimneys, Jack and Bunnymund have a race, and Tooth flies into a giant billboard.


After accidentally betraying the Guardians, Jack Frost flies into exile there, until Pitch comes along, and asks him if he can work for him.


After his confrontation with Pitch, Jack raced to find Bunny and the Guardians. Bunny was hiding in some bushes, watching an Easter egg hunt in England.[1]



  • Brooklyn, New York has an entrance to Pitch's Lair seen when a Nightmare jumped into the sewer and goes straight to Pitch.
  • Jack, Sandman, North and Bunny are seen inside a laundromat with the sign "Brooklyn Bridge Laundromat" retriving coins out of the machines when Tooth reminds them they have to leave children presents after collecting the teeth (they were so caught up in their race to collect, they forgot to do this).
  • The Manhattan skyline as well as the Brooklyn Bridge are visible while the Guardians fly away in North's sleigh. This is a reference to the fact that the Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn from Manhattan.