North sleigh
North's Sleigh
General Information
Full name(s)
Location North's Workshop
Manufacturer(s) Nicholas St. North
Type Flying Sleigh
Usage Transportation for North and the Guardians
Owner(s) Nicholas St. North
Production Information
Appearances Rise of the Guardians
North's Reindeer Sleigh is an advanced reindeer sleigh. It is designed for North to travel around the world in one night on Christmas Eve, delivering toys to the children. Also the Guardians' official mode of transportation.


North's sleigh

It is designed to be a cross between a snowmobile and an F-14 jet fighter. [1]

Advanced Features

This sleigh has adjustable seating for passengers, and a handy dashboard with snowglobes for quick shortcuts, and a miniature version of the Globe of Belief to use as both a map, and to keep track of children believing.


Guardians G symbol


  • The sleigh has no seat belts though North likes to joke about this.
  • Bunny doesn't like the sleigh, being clearly afraid of it. However, he later repeats what North says about it, that "everyone loves the sleigh" when the Burgess kids are excited to see it and seems more comfortable in it at the end of the movie.
  • Jack Frost once pranked Bunnymund that he fell out of the sleigh to the point that Bunnymund checked to see if he was okay despite his dislike for the frost spirit. Jack had simply lain on one of the rudders and was amused to see that Bunnymund did care about him after all. Bunnymund was annoyed with the prank telling him to "rack off you bloody showpony."
  • As North says, "everyone loves the sleigh." Except Bunny. The kids of Burgess and Jack are shown to love it on first sight.
  • When Jack is chosen, he refuses to join the Guardians and can be clearly heard telling the Guardians that he is not joining them in their defense of Tooth Palace. He tells them that he's not "getting on some rickety old sleigh" but stops when he sees the actual sleigh. Seeing it instantly changes his mind and he tells them "okay, one ride and that's it."