Pitch and Dream Pirates
Nightmare Galleon
General Information
Full name(s)
Manufacturer(s) Nightmare Pirate
Type Pirate Ship
Usage Travel
Owner(s) Pitch Black
Production Information
Appearances The Man in the Moon (The Guardians of Childhood)

The Nightmare Galleon is a twisted black ship that sails through space during the Golden Age, run by a crew of Dream Pirates, lead by Pitch Black. With the ship, Pitch swore to destroy all sweet dreams and shooting stars, and one by one hunted them down, hurling them into moons, planets, or even the endless darkness of a black hole.

In The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie, Pitch tracked down Sandy and his ship, hurling a giant harpoon and crashing the ship into Earth.

Some time after, in The Man in the Moon, Pitch learnt of a child who had never known fear or experienced a bad dream, Pitch assembled his crew and chased after Tsar and his family who tried to escape his clutches by escaping on their own ship, The Moon Clipper. Pitch eventually tracked them down and boarded the Moon Clipper. He was eventually defeated and sealed away by the child's protector, Nightlight. The Moon Clipper was heavily damaged, and the Nightmare Galleon, along with the Dream Pirates were lost.


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