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Mother Nature's Empire is the densely wooden home of Emily Jane. Emily's Empire remains hidden somewhere on the planet, and cannot be located by any means. The environment is ever changing in accordance with Emily's emotions, such as the growing colder and the lacy mist freezes into sheets of stiffened frost, and then snow when she is angered.


After the battle of Punjam Hy Loo, Mother Nature rescued her father, Pitch Black and kidnapped Katherine, bringing both of them to her domain. There, Mother Nature talks to her father for the first time after he first became The Nightmare King, and warns him she will only remain neutral in his fight with the Guardians, if he does not turn Katherine into his "Darkling Princess", as she is his only daughter "For good or ill." Pitch agrees to not touch the girl.


The Empire is made up of trees of every size sitting close together, as the high canopy leaves blocking out almost all direct sunlight, and the few long hanging branches curling and swaying with the haunting grace of a dancer's arm. The ground is made up of an ever changing stream of earth and water, where the elements constantly remain separate so the ground is never muddy. Black and menacing spirals of water encircle the tree roots like miniature moats, widening and narrowing, depending on where one steps. The mist and fog spin through the air in delicate patterns, and layer after layer of glistening lace heaves and ripples in the constant breeze, muffling most sounds.