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She's not always a benevolent soul,
and she is very unpredictable.

Bunnymund, on Mother Nature's temperament

Emily Jane, also known as Mother Nature, is a powerful and mysterious being, as well the daughter of the Nightmare King, Pitch.[2]

Physical Appearance

Mother Nature is "a tall, cloaked woman" who "holds herself with a regal air", with a "long, yet lovely" face. Her black hair is very long, and both her hair and clothing appear to be one with the clouds that surround her form.

She is described as being "a force nearly as ancient as Pitch".[3]


Despite Mother Nature's apparent neutrality, Bunnymund remarked that she is quite unpredictable and not always kind, as indicated by the way her winds thwarted both Pitch's forces and saved North from a mortal wound prior to abducting Pitch and Katherine for her own purposes.

When Mother Nature was a child, she frequently disobeyed her mother, who wanted her to stay at home; her father, on the other hand, loved his daughter's wild heart and turned a blind eye to her sailing around her home.

The Guardians of Childhood


Emily Jane lived together with her parents in a beautiful marble pillared palace in a moon inside the Constellation Orion. Emily Jane was a “wild, joyful” child who constantly tried to imitate her father by going out on her little schooner around the asteroids surrounding her home. Her mother would scold her to be closer or stay at home, but her father loved his girl’s wild heart, so he turned a blind eye to her disobedient sailing ways. One night the Dream Pirates staged a fake ambush outside of Orion, and Pitch left to stop the feigned threat. As he left, Emily Jane gave him a locket with her picture and he put it on. He hugged and kissed her and told her “I’ll be back soon.” Her reply was “Promise?” and his reply was “On my soul.” But while he was away chasing a fake threat, the Dream Pirates came to attack the Pitchiner mansion. Emily Jane had snuck out to sail in her schooner with Star Fish, which were her favorite creatures of the stellar seas. After watching her mother fall to her death, Emily Jane traveled in space until she stumbled upon the Constellation Typhan and was taken in as his daughter. Though Typhan taught her how to harness and control all the natural elements, he was not a father to her. After 10 years, Emily Jane's heart was consumed by rage towards the father that never came looking for her and attacked an innocent ship. Typhan told her to stop, and when she screamed “You are not my father!” at him, he became so hurt that he sealed her inside a shooting star that she could not escape until it crashed onto a planet of its choice.

Sandy, who was a Star Pilot at the time was assigned to “saddle” a wishing star, a kind of shooting star that Emily Jane had become. Unaware of who she was, he joined with her when he found her lingering around Star Fish and they began to sail the galaxies together defeating Dream Pirates. For a while Emily Jane did not tell Sandy her name, until the star was going so fast, it nearly hurt a planet and the people making wishes. She told him who she is and had another temperamental fit, stopped flying, and nearly turned into a sun. Sandy told her that if they flew together, they could go looking for Pitch together. This convinced her to move again. Though Emily Jane became schooled in the whole range of living things’ wishes, and says in general their wish is “to be happy.” Emily Jane finally admitted she had a new wish: to basically move on.

However, that wish wasn't going be, because little did Emily and Sandy know, the Dream Pirates heard Emily's original wish to be reunited with her father and played a trick on Pitch while he was guarding their prison. Using the Emily's wish, the Dream Pirates imitated her voice and Pitch, which hope that his daughter is alive, opened the door and possessed by the Fearlings and became the Nightmare King. Pitch now hears Emily's dream and went to Sandy and his Star, not even knowing that the star had Emily Jane in its core. Emily saw and couldn't believe that's her father and what he has become. She chose not to speak at the time, because if she is found, both Emily and Sandy will be killed by Pitch. When the star crashed, Emily Jane was free from her imprisonment. Natural phenomena and other spirits called her Mother Nature, due to the power that she possessed. Afterwards, she has become mistrustful of others and has watchers from the clouds to rainbows.

Battle of Punjam Hy Loo

She watched the Battle of Punjam Hy Loo as a neutral observer, neither helping nor obstructing either side with her winds. However, once Pitch had been subdued by Katherine, Mother Nature appeared in a swirl of clouds, engulfed the two, then vanished into thin air without a trace. Mother Nature took Katherine and Pitch to her domain, where she had a volatile conversation with her father and had her trees hold Katherine in place. She accuses her father of forgetting her and trying to replace her with Katherine, which Pitch denies and stating that he had tried for a long time. She tells her father that she will not take sides in the battle between himself and the Guardians, and to not make Katherine his. Later, Mother Nature helps Sandman find Katherine out of their old friendship.

Powers and Abilities

As her name suggests, Mother Nature has control over the elements of nature. She can manipulate natural phenomena such as the winds and clouds, and cause hail and lightning. Her presence has been know to create leaves, clouds, winds, rain, snow, thunder and lightning.

She is also able to keep herself hidden while she watches people, but some, such as Toothiana and Nightlight, can feel her presence.

Nature Communication

Emily Jane is able to communicate with nature and she's able to get reports from different natural phenomena. [4]


Guardians G symbol.png
  • Some fans mistook Katherine for being Pitch's daughter before Mother Nature was revealed in Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies.
  • She lost her mother at the age of 6 years old.
  • Pitch Black became the Nightmare King when she was 16 years old.
  • According to William Joyce, Mother Nature is among the characters that were inspired by William Joyce's wife.[5] [6]
  • According to Sandman, creatures as powerful and mysterious as Pitch or Emily Jane have dreams, but he has no clue what those are like since they both had successfully blocked his efforts to read them. [7]


The Sandman and the War of Dreams

  • "Promise?"
  • "Father. Come find me! Please! Please!! I am so alone!"
  • "I see only foes!"
  • "Not the ship I hope for!"
  • From now on, my cause is harm!"
  • "You are not my father!"
  • "My name... is Emily Jane. Please, I do not want to be feared."
  • "I will ride."
  • "People are often... confused. They want what they don't need, or can't use, or won't ever make them whole."
  • "I think all wishes are the same, really. Whether they ask for this, that, or the other, what they are really asking for is happiness."
  • "I wish to be washed clean of my old life. To let go of my tide of sorrows and find my way to a new shore."
  • "Please, be careful what you say, Captain Sandy. He is so changed. We can't know what to expect."
  • "We must run, Captain Sandy, I can feel it. If he finds me, we both shall die."
  • "No...It was the girl who saved you. The one who you would make your Darkling Princess."
  • "Had you forgotten me? Your own daughter!"
  • "Then why did you not come for me?"
  • To Pitch, "You failed me, Father. I was lost. I had nothing but my rage at you to feed me. I came to your aid only out of... curiosity. To see how a once-great man could become so fallen and low."
  • "You will receive only indifference from me, Father. I will neither hinder nor help you."
  • "I demand only one thing for my neutrality: You cannot make this girl yours. Not ever. Leave her be, or I will destroy you. I am your only daughter, for good or ill."
  • To Sandy, "I can stand anyone's tears but yours."
  • "Besides, I control the rain here. Hold on, I'll send you to the girl."
  • "This is as far as I will go. He is, after all, my father - for good or ill."
  • "He promised me he would not make the girl his princess, but he did something perhaps worse."
  • "You'll see for yourself."
  • "Be careful. Father is past saving and is now... savage, through and through."

Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning

  • "For many years Santoff Claussen has been designed to keep Pitch out. Now we must work to keep him in. It must be remembered that the man you call Pitch was once a great hero. He tried to halt the spread of darkness, but the darkness was too strong, and despite his desperate fight, it overtook him. Now it will be our job to keep that darkness contained. Santoff Claussen will become a prison, for Pitch and for the dark that lives inside him. Only a place of great courage and light can fight this darkness. That place is here, and its warriors are you."
  • "My heart fears for you. You spared my father's life, and for that, I am forever in your debt. You and my father are linked now. How that will evolve, I do not know. Will your goodness affect him? Or will his darkness shadow you?"
  • "I will help you however I can. But now you must leave. Finish your dream. Disappear if you can. Don't let yourself be found. He fears this most. Use it. You'll know how... and when."
  • "We are to stand down. We are... to let Pitch go."
  • "Jack Frost himself. Furthermore, you and I are to rally the fairy nations to escort my father and his armies to a castle in Transylvania."
  • "Follow me. Tell your army to do as I say or you'll face the consequences."
  • "Brave. Honorable. Selfless."
  • "You kept your promise."


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