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Moon Clipper
General Information
Full name(s)
Location Space
Type Ship
Usage Former Transport, now the Moon
Owner(s) The Man in the Moon
Production Information
Appearances The Man in the Moon (The Guardians of Childhood)

The Moon Clipper was a space ship built during the Golden Age, capable of sailing through space and disguising itself to resemble a moon. During the war against Pitch and his Fearlings, The Royal Family of Lunanoff used the Moon Clipper to evade Pitch, seeking a planet without a Moon so that they could hide their son, the Prince, who had never known fear or experienced a bad dream.

The Moon Clipper was run by many other creatures, Nightlight, the Prince's friend and personal bodyguard, the Moonbots who kept the ship operational during its travels, the Lunar Mice who would listen to the Queen tells bedtime stories to the Prince, and the Lunar Moths.

The Moon Clipper eventually found its way to Earth, which did not have a moon of its own, the perfect hiding place for Tsar and his family. However, it was that moment Pitch finally tracked them down and attacked the Moon Clipper and boarded with his Fearling army.

Nightlight was ordered to stay behind and protect the Prince as the King and Queen faced Pitch with the Moonbots. True to his word, Nightlight stayed by the child's side, where he let out a tear. Nightlight took the emotion of this tear and forged it into a weapon on his staff. Nightlight then left the Prince's side and confronted Pitch, who had already restrained the King and Queen. Nightlight struck Pitch in the heart with his staff and the blow caused devastating damage that not only defeated Pitch, but took the life of the King and Queen in the crossfire.

The Moon Clipper was heavily damaged and unable to turn back into a ship, instead the sphere drifted into Earth's gravitational hold and became its new moon. Even some of the Royal Family's relics fell to Earth, lost forever.

The Prince was safe and raised by the crew of the ship, growing up to become The Man in the Moon.

In honor of Nightlight's sacrifice, many years later the MiM would summon the guardians to the Moon Clipper and they removed all the debris from the shell of the ship, revealing a powerful light, a light that could be seen from earth, a night light that would guard the children at night.


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  • Originally, MiM used to travels the Universe with his parents on the Moon Clipper, a ship that resembles one of those strangely beautiful deep sea creatures shimmering with bio-phosphorescence. At night, the ship is designed reconstruct itself into a moon, where it travels from one peaceful planet to another.[1]
  • Comparing the ship to our actual moon, its sails reached a height equivalent to or even greater than the diameter of Earth.