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Hi, I'm Ember, welcome to the Rise Of The Guardians and Guardians Of Childhood Wiki! :) I'm a Moderator, Rollback, and Chat Moderator here, this is also my Home Wiki and the first Wiki I ever joined! ^^ I'm also an Admin at the ROTG Role Play Wiki and a member of the ROTG Fanfiction Wiki.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to report vandalism, feel free to send me or an Admin a message! ^^ If I don't have the necessary requirements or knowledge, I'll link an Admin if further help is required.
Feel free to discuss Chat bans by me here (*unless you're also blocked from your MW by an Admin, on CC then), be sure to act in a civilized, calm, rational, objective and fair way. I will always assume good faith and chances will be given no less than twice before the ban is issued again if the behavior continues. *This may be subject to change either individually or generally if an Admin requests it, or if it is deemed necessary. Admins may always overrule these decisions.
You may also message me about the Admins, including concerning blocks. Do be ready for them to join the same Thread if they please, however, as I will inform them of your concerns and provide them a link, which is only fair to everyone involved. However, please do not expect me to fight with them on your behalf as I highly respect the Admins and Crats above me and their decisions, but I will present every option for you and discuss it with them fairly and objectively. *If you're blocked from your Message Wall and/or infinitely, or just want to message me on CC instead of here for any reason, then feel free to, in a calm and respectful way.
If you would like to affiliate with our Wiki, or use our codes, Templates, or Article Pages, please ask an Admin. Otherwise, you may inform me of your request and I will get in contact with them. We will be available for further help if needed! ^^

(*Please do not send me any messages regarding concerns or blocks about any other Wiki I'm an Admin on, that's what Community Central is for. You will be redirected to my Wall on CC and the thread here will be closed.)

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