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Rise of the Guardians comics are comics that were published by KiZoic as well as released on DreamWorks' official tumblr. It is doubtful whether they are canonical given the clashing information with The Guardians of Childhood, but they are possibly film-exclusive canon.

To date, there are two published comics by KiZoic under the title Hidden Truth and Other Stories and five online comics.

Hidden Truth and Other Stories

Hidden Truth

  • Written by: Ben Lichius
  • Art by: Marcelo Ferreira
  • Colors by: Diego Rodriguez
  • Letters by: Deron Bennett
  • Edited by: Aaron Sparrow

With Friends Like These...

  • Written by: Ben Lichius
  • Art by: Stephen Thompson
  • Colors by: Fernando Peniche
  • Letters by: Deron Bennett
  • Edited by: Aaron Sparrow

Online Comics

Learning to Fly

Jack Frost is watching a flock of Canadian Geese swim in a lake, and continues watching when they take flight. He looks up at the sky to see them flying in a V formation, then launches himself into the air to follow. The wind carries his weight with little difficulty, and he continues to glide after them.[1]

Spring 1968

In his Warren, Bunnymund feels the coming of spring and begins preparing for Easter. He plucks newly-formed eggs from vines and flowers, and after they have been painted, he leads them outside, preparing to hide them beneath the roots of various trees. However, he is startled to find a snowstorm when he emerges from his tunnel. Narrowing his eyes, he mutters Jack's name, knowing he is the one responsible for this mess.[2]

Cat Nap

Sandman encounters a cat.

Story, Art and Colors by: Perry Maple

Sandman is on a dreamcloud, happily spreading dreams to children. One little girl is dreaming of running along with a cat. While Sandman continues to spread dreams, a cat meows at him from a nearby open window. He finds the cat absolutely adorable, but is surprised to see it walk away along the rooftop, then leap to another roof. He follows the cat and attempts to draw its attention with a butterfly attached to a cat teaser, but it is completely disinterested. He makes little sand mice, then birds, then large-mouthed dogs, but nothing catches the cat's interest as it continues on its way. Dejected, Sandman forms a pillow for himself to sit upon. The cat returns, meowing loudly. Sandman creates another pillow for the cat, and they fall asleep together in mid-air.[3]

Winter Spirit

  • Story, Art and Colors by: WoonYung Jung

Jack spots a group of children gathered around under a tree, bored. He ponders what to do to cheer them up, then starts spreading snow. The children gape at the tendrils of frost in awe and chase them down. Once they reach the source, they find four large snowmen and happily run toward them. Jack is perched upon the head of the tallest snowman and laughs, pleased that he cheered them up despite being invisible to their eyes.[4]

Pitch Black

  • Story, Art and Letters by: Johane Matte
  • Colors by: Perry Maple, WoonYung Jung

Pitch muses about the old days, when fear was a necessary ingredient for survival and safety. He appreciated the Man in the Moon's silent company in those days, when more beings besides he and the Sandman existed on Earth. However, time passes, and with it came new beings.

Six hundred years ago Pitch was invited to the North Pole, where he found Sandman and Toothiana midst Yetis working on constructing the building they were within. Pitch greeted them and inquired whether Toothiana was planning to relocate and if the Yetis belonged to her. North, appearing from the rafters, corrected him, referring to them as his allies. Pitch was surprised at seeing North, whom he had never met, and asked who he was. Jumping down, North introduced himself and explained that he brought people together, such as the Yetis and Elves, so they could all work together, and extended his hand to Pitch for a shake.

Pitch refuses North's proposal.

Suspicious, Pitch asked why they thought he would be interested in becoming allies. North explained that, since the world was changing, they would have to change along with it, and he suggested they work together to balance each other out, given that the Man in the Moon instructed him, Sandman and Toothiana to keep the children safe. Pitch was startled to hear all this was the Man in the Moon's idea, while in the background Toothiana and Sandman were wondering whether North would be able to convince Pitch to become a Guardian. Pitch eventually flat-out refused to let children be in control of his fate, finding it incredulous to be asked to back down after millenia of terrorizing people, then stormed out. Toothiana reassured North that he tried his best, but there would be other Guardians in the future.

Outside in the snowy tundra, Pitch looked up at the faint outline of the moon in the sky. He asked the Man in the Moon whether he no longer deemed him good for the world and was seeking to replace him, claiming he didn't expect such a betrayal from such an old friend. Thus, Pitch threatened that if the Man in the Moon was changing the rules, he would resist him.[5]