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Katherine is a foundling girl who proves to be an unexpectedly fierce nemesis to Pitch.[1] She is the Guardian of Storytelling. Her stories can relive the past and change the future. Katherine is known for recording the adventures of the Guardians and also telling intriguing stories.[2]


Caught up in the battle against the Nightmare King, Katherine finds herself separated by the other children of Santoff Claussen. She feels like she is in transition between being a child and becoming an adult. She thinks and feels in a way that makes her more mature than the other kids and she is a valued member of the Guardians. Katherine is a friendly girl who can find the good in everyone. She is brave and clever, but also very compassionate.


Adult Katherine

Katherine possesses a heart shaped face with a warm childish roundness to it; being that she is compassionate the possibility of her wearing a kind expression is often inferable. She is small in stature and has been described as having extremely open grey eyes. Katherine begins the series with shoulder length curls of auburn colored hair which grows thicker and longer as the novels progress; to a point where she will consistently be seen to tie it back into a loose ponytail. A distinctive feature of Katherine's is that she has a particular lock of hair which falls into place over her right eye, only to be brushed out of the poor child's line of vision should her curls begin to bother her. This single curl will loosen when she is calm and twirl together whenever she experiences fear of distress; a habit she may have unconsciously inherited from her adoptive father; as Ombric's moustache follows a similar pattern. In terms of attire, Katherine would be commonly seen in the same yellow fur-coat when she was younger.


Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!

Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies

The Sandman and the War of Dreams


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  • Katherine has no memories of her parents, but was at least happily adopted by Ombric.
  • Her parents died in a blizzard when they tried to reach Santoff Claussen and Katherine, still a toddler, made it to the forest's rim.
  • Katherine loves to ride hard and fast, just for the thrill of it. She can ride a reindeer (without saddle), but finds Petrov way easier to handle, and Petrov's saddle very handy.
  • She has a large goose, a rare breed only found in the Himalayas, named Kailash.[3]
  • Once Pitch and Nightlight had been reawakened and the fearling army had presumed to haunt the dreams of Earth's children; the creatures discovered Santoff Claussen and although they did not have the time to cause damage due to Nightlight's intervention; it should be noted that Katherine was the only child to stay calm and had kept the others from running.
  • She is close friends with Nightlight.
  • It's implied that Nightlight and Katherine have begun to develop romantic feeling towards one another as The Sandman and the War of Dreams mentions that Katherine and Nightlight share a distinct happiness that only the closest of friendships have after going through a 'great change'.
    • Prior to that in the books mention that Nightlight was drawn to Katherine.
    • They have a deeply close bond, one of a connected heart and mind.
    • Nightlight refers to Katherine as "My Katherine" when talking to the Man In The Moon.
    • It's described that they can understand each other without even needing to talk, “A friend who understands everything without being told is the rarest and best kind of friend”.
    • Pitch also tries to threaten Katherine as a way to terrify Nightlight, something Nightlight immediately recognizes.
    • Katherine is described as being worried when she can't sense Nightlight, his friendship or anything from him at all.
    • Nightlight is afraid of the thought of Katherine growing up and leaving him behind because he is unsure as to if he has the ability to grow up himself.
    • There's also the fact that Nightlight willingly gave up being a "Nightlight" by kissing Katherine so she could wake up, resulting in him being able to grow older (And thus growing into Jack Frost).
  • Katherine creates beautiful and detailed drawings of the places and people she experiences on her journeys with the other Guardians. Mr. Qwerty's magical pages can help Katherine tell stories of her journeys through her drawings back home in Santoff Claussen to the other children when she is physically is not present.
  • She is heavily implied to become the fairy tale character, "Mother Goose".
    • This is later confirmed by William Joyce, who said that he made it as obvious as possible, but doesn't like saying it. [4]