Jamie's room
Jamie's Bedroom
General Information
Full name(s)
Location Burgess
Inhabitant(s) Jamie Bennett
Purpose The location were Jamie met the Guardians for the first time.
Production Information
Appearances Rise of the Guardians

Monster Watchers poster and Jamie's drawing.

Jamie's Bedroom is one of the location of the movie. In here is where Jamie met North, Tooth, Bunnymund and the Sandman but also is where Jack Frost got his first believer.


Guardians G symbol
  • Jamie's Bedroom has his own theme in the Rise of the Guardians soundtrack.
  • Jamie has a picture he drew of the snowball fight Jack Frost started on his wall. You can see his writing on the bottom right corner, in blue.
  • Jamie has a picture of monsters on his wall, checking off which ones he believes in or not.

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