Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning
Author(s) William Joyce
Illustrator(s) William Joyce
Publisher Atheneum Books
Publication Date November 20, 2018
No. of Pages 384
ISBN 978-144-243-056-3
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The Sandman and the War of Dreams
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Jack Frost: The End Becomes The Beginning will be the fifth and final chapter book in the The Guardians of Childhood series.


Hardly the stuff of heroes. But the greatest of heroes are often those you least suspect. There's so much more to all of us, and so it is with Jack Frost.

Many years- and one epic battle- have passed since we last saw our Guardians. The battle left Pitch imprisoned, but it also left one of the Guardians forever changed. Nightlight, once Katherine's closest companion, has transformed into Jackson Overland Frost- Jack Frost.

But transformations can take time- decades, even- and much can happen in between: world wars. The Great Depression. And worse: a greater evil lies in wait.

All the Guardians can feel it, but it is Jack who feels it the most. And it is Jack who is the only one who can stop it... but to do so, he must tell his story- the final story in the Guardians' saga: the story of how he became... Jack Frost.



In our next book, the exciting climax to The Guardians Saga, Including:


The Guardians’ powers are given the ultimate test as they journey to the moon itself in this fifth and final chapter book adventure of an epic series from William Joyce.

The Guardians came together to protect the childhoods of all who dream, and they are a formidable team: Nicholas St. North, E. Aster Bunnymund, Toothiana, the Sandman, Nightlight, and Katherine have thus far prevented Pitch from fulfilling his nightmarish plans.

But Pitch and his nightmare men lurk on the fringes, gathering strength, stewing in hate, and the Guardians know their guard needs one more member if they are going to vanquish Pitch for all eternity. And once they find the last in their band, they’ll travel to the secret realm of the Man in the Moon, encounter armies of Moonbots, and face the greatest battle since the Golden Age—and that is just the beginning of this grand conclusion to a series most grand.[2]

Updated Description

The Guardians’ powers are put to the ultimate test in their final battle in this conclusion to the epic chapter book series from William Joyce.

When we last saw the Guardians, they were celebrating their victory during Bright Night, the final great Battle of the Moon, where they defeated Pitch once and for all. Or so they thought. Now, many years later, the Guardians have settled into their final selves, embracing their public images and the Earth Holidays. But the world has not been without evil since Pitch’s imprisonment. First there was the World War, then The Crash which has led to what the humans call a Great Depression. All the Guardians feel the weight of these events, but Jack Frost—now half human, half of his former self Nightlight—feels it the most.

Jack’s transition from Nightlight to Guardian was not an easy one. Always inclined to keep to himself, Jack has become especially isolated from the other Guardians since his transformation. Yet it is Jack who Ombric Shalazar (once a great wizard, now known as Father Time) trusts with a tremendous secret. But for Jack to fully understand this secret, he must revisit his past—and finally tell his story.

Jack’s story, however, isn’t the only one to be reopened; an old enemy whose chapter we thought closed will reappear and with him bring a darkness and destruction that will test the Guardians like never before. It’s a battle of superlatives—the worse fighting the greatest, but where, oh where, is Jack?[3]



  • Chapter One - A Nose Is Nearly Nipped
  • Chapter Two - Less Than Early Frost
  • Chapter Three - Pitch Is No Longer at Bat... for Now
  • Chapter Four - An Unusual Pair of Tails
  • Chapter Five - The Guardians Begin to Guard
  • Chapter Six - Misgivings on Giving Gifts
  • Chapter Seven - A Yuletide Most Untidy
  • Chapter Eight - The Everlasting Lip Touch
  • Chapter Nine - Where There's a Will, There's a Whisper
  • Chapter Ten - What's Good for the Goose Is Grand for the Ganderly
  • Chapter Eleven - How to Get the Goose
  • Chapter Twelve - The Greatest Library the World Has Never Known
  • Chapter Thirteen - In Which We Get to the Root of the Matter
  • Chapter Fourteen - Anger Management
  • Chapter Fifteen - The Pause Thickens (the Plot, that Is)
  • Chapter Sixteen - The Worm Turns Inside Out
  • Chapter Seventeen - Jack is Nimble; Pitch Now Trembles
  • Chapter Eighteen - One for All and All Against One
  • Chapter Nineteen - The Moon is Full
  • Chapter Twenty - Between the Tick and the Tock
  • Chapter Twenty-One -Like an Elephant Stamps a Flea
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - The Greatest Strength
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - Once Upon a Time...
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - Mind Over What Matters
  • Chapter Twenty-Five - No Mercy
  • Chapter Twenty-Six - Sadness Into Snow
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven - Snag, Smush, and Whittle
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight - Time and Tide



  • According to William Joyce, the novel is about Jack Frost and supposedly is the last in the series. But he digs Jack so much that he's willing to do some more.
  • Willian revealed that Jack will travel through time. [12]

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