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Jack's Pond
General Information
Full name(s) Pond
Location Burgess
Inhabitant(s) Jack Frost (reborn as a spirit)
Production Information
Appearances Rise of the Guardians

Jack's Pond is a frozen pond close to Burgess. In this pond, Jack and his sister used to play and skate until one day the frozen surface started to crumble and Jack lost his life saving her from the ice. Some time later, the Man in the Moon resurrected Jack as Jack Frost, the Guardian of Fun.

Jamie and his friends seem to hang out here as seen when Jack arrives in Burgess to give it a snow day and Jamie was walking by it reading his book.

Jack's Pond makes a few appearances throughout the movie and it's here where Jack promises that he will always be watching over Jamie and to keep them in his heart which makes Jamie a "Guardian" too.


Guardians G symbol
  • One of the entrances for Pitch's Lair seems to be close by it.
  • There's a possibility that The Oak of Sorrows is close to the pond.