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This page lists canon material from both Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood universes in regards to the characters.

Main Characters

Jack Frost


  • His signature color is blue, and signature shape is a hexagon (like a snowflake).
  • Does not know his purpose and will not become a Guardian until he finds it.
  • Jack Frost, The Sandman, and Pitch are spirits.
  • He was previously going to be voiced by Leonardo di Caprio, but was actually voiced by Chris Pine.
  • He is said to be 300 years old. This has been confirmed by the creators of the movie, but Peter Ramsey says that he's physically 17 years old, while William Joyce, creator of the series, states that Jack is 14.
  • His full name is Jackson Overland Frost. [1]
  • He wants to be believed in, and feels that the other guardians treat him unfairly.
  • Though not a Guardian until the end of the film, the art book names him the Guardian of Fun.
  • He knows Parkour and Martial Arts.
  • Before Jack became Jack Frost, he died and The Man in the Moon revived him. But in the novels, neither North, Tooth, Bunnymund nor Sandy experienced death before becoming a Guardian, making Jack a unique case.



  • Her signature color is pink/violet, and signtaure shape is a diamond.
  • She is The Guardian of Memories.
  • She, Jack Frost, and The Sandman are the three Guardians who possess the ability to fly on their own.
  • She is voiced by Isla Fisher.
  • Her tailfeathers were designed to look like the drapery of a dress, giving the appearance of a princess.
  • She can communicate with her Mini Fairies via telepathy.
  • In the art book, in the Mini Fairy section, it says that "The Mini Fairies are infatuated with Jack." This is explained because Tooth is confirmed to have a small crush on Jack.
  • She is the only female Guardian.
  • If you look closely, you will see that there are rings of gold feathers around her wrists and ankles, resembling bracelets and anklets.
  • She is the only Guardian to only have one line in either of the trailers: "Wings up and take no prisoners!"
  • Her full name is Toothiana.
  • She lives in a palace in Southeast Asia.
  • She can split into smaller copies of herself, which allows her to actually pull off tooth fairy duties nightly.
  • A very important sequence of the story happens at Tooth Palace. When the Guardians arrive, they discover Pitch had taken all the memory teeth, as well as kidnapping the Mini Fairies. Tooth, who is a very strong mother-figure, begins to lose her feathers out of worry. They also encounter Pitch, commencing a battle that Tooth is a great part of. When he escapes, the Guardians begin to plan how to get the Mini Fairies and teeth back, but the palace begins to disintegrate around them.


  • Her full name is Queen Toothiana.
  • She is half human, half Sister of Flight.
  • She can speak every language in the world.
  • She wields two sabers.
  • She holds one of the five relics, a baby tooth belonging to the Man in the Moon.



  • His signature color is red, and signature shape is a square.
  • He is the Guardian of Wonder.
  • He is voiced by Alec Baldwin.
  • He lives in a workshop at the North Pole.
  • His elves do not make the toys; he just lets people think that. Yetis make the toys instead.
  • One of his arms is tattooed "Naughty" while the other is tattooed "Nice".
  • He is approximately 7' 2" tall.[citation needed]


  • His full name is Nicholas St. North.
  • He created The Djinni Robot.
  • He holds one of the five relics, the sword of Tsar Lunar the XI (MiM's father).



  • His signature color is gold/yellow, and signature shape is a circle.
  • He is the Guardian of Dreams.
  • The Sandman will appear after 8 p.m., but will not start working until after 9 p.m.
  • He is the only guardian that does not have a voice actor.
  • He lives on an island.
  • He is 3' 9".[citation needed]


  • His full title is: His Nocturnal Magnificence, Sanderson Mansnoozie, Sandman the First, Lord High Protector of Sleep and Dreams.
  • He keeps the children safe at night when the moon is not full and bright.
  • For those who would wish upon a star (his sandship), Sandy would send back a dream that would help them make their dreams come true, for a wish always begins with a dream.
  • He has only ever spoken in The Sandman: The Story of Sanderson Mansnoozie, when he grabs a Fearling and says to it, "You are not real. You are not true. You are nothing."



  • His signature color is green, and signature shape is a triangle.
  • He is the Guardian of Hope.
  • He is voiced by Hugh Jackman.
  • He has the ability to control floral growth.
  • If you look closely, you will see that Bunnymund has spring-like imprints (the flower/grass pattern on his forehead and the same markings on his shoulders) that decorate his fur.
  • He lives in Warren, an oasis deep under the surface of Australia said to be the birthplace of spring.
  • He uses his tunnels to get to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.
  • His early concept art depicted him in a green robe, but the artists felt it didn't allow him to move as swiftly. It was shaved down to a thin lab coat, but they still didn't feel like Bunnymund was filling in their thoughts. He was eventually stripped of all clothing, and they settled on his current design.
  • In the Movie script when Sophie is alseep in his arms, his expression is described: "Bunny's face softens, as if remembering a distant memory." This suggests that Bunny once had a family before he became the last of his kind.


  • His full name is E. Aster Bunnymund.
  • He is a "Pooka", a fictional rabbit species that stand between 6 to 7 feet tall.
  • He may have the ability to travel through time.
  • He holds one of the five relics, an egg holding the Light of Creation.
  • During the Golden Age, Bunnymund knew the Man in the Moon's parents, Tsar and Tsarina. His people gave the Egg of Creation to the People of the Golden Age, believing they were worthy of its light. When Pitch's armies struck and wiped out the rest of Bunnymund's race, Tsar returned the egg to Bunnymund, who then fled to create a new planet.



  • His signature color is black, and signature shape is a hexagon (like a coffin).
  • He is voiced by Jude Law.
  • Pitch and The Sandman are identical spirits, but one is potentially more lethal than the other.
  • Pitch's character model does not, in fact, have sleeves; instead, shadows run down his arms, giving the illusion of sleeves.


  • His full name is General Kozmotis Pitchiner.
  • He is known as the Nightmare King.
  • He is older than the Man in the Moon.
  • He had a wife and daughter.
  • His daughter grew up to become Mother Nature.
  • General Pitchiner was the guard of the prison containing all of the world's horrors, but was one day tricked into thinking that his daughter was trapped in there with them. In his attempt to free her, he ended up releasing the creatures he was set to guard. As they escaped, they possessed Pitchiner, turning him into the Boogeyman he is today.
  • He cannot walk around in direct sunlight without armor.
  • Pitch is the only character (to date) to have appeared in all of the picture books and novels.

The Man in the Moon


  • In Rise of the Guardians, North called him Manny.
  • In the film, the Man in the Moon was turned into a more spiritual deity, rather than an actual man. He is able to talk to the Guardians directly through the Guardian Stone.


  • He is the first Guardian of the Children of Earth.
  • He was born during the Golden Age.
  • His real name is Tsar Lunar.[2]
  • Nightlight called him the little man in the moon - or MiM, for short.
  • He has never had a bad dream.
  • He can hear the hopes and dreams of children inside lost balloons that float up to the moon.

Film Characters Only

Jamie Bennett

  • He is voiced by Dakota Goyo.
  • He can see the Guardians.
  • Dakota Goyo and Bunnymund's voice actor, Hugh Jackman, worked together on a film called "Real Steel" made by DreamWorks back in 2011, a year before "Rise of the Guardians" came out.
  • Jamie has a female greyhound named Abby.
  • He has a sister named Sophie.
  • He was the first child to see Jack Frost.
  • Jamie and Jack's sister are nearly identical to each other in looks, save for the obvious difference of gender.

Baby Tooth

  • She is an extension of Tooth.
  • She is the only tooth fairy to have a golden feather on her head (similar to Tooth's).
  • She has heterochromia, where the left eye is blue and right is purple.
  • She has a beauty mark under her eye (similar to Jack's sister).

Book Characters Only

Ombric Shalazar

  • He is a survivor of the lost city of Atlantis.
  • He is the last great wizard.
  • He is the adopted father to Katherine.
  • He speaks many insect languages, as well as a few birds.
  • He sleeps in a globe on a rod like an owl.
  • He created the village of Santoff Claussen, Atlantean for "Place of Dreams".
  • Ombric first met Bunnymund as a boy. He attempted to use magic in order to fly, and would have died if Bunnymund hadn't saved him.
  • Ombric thought he was the one who first invented chocolate (it turns out Bunnymund just wanted him to think that).


  • She grows up to become Mother Goose.
  • She is the adopted daughter of Ombric.
  • Her real parents died in a snowstorm when she was just a baby.
  • She is best friends with Nightlight, and thinks of North as an older brother.
  • North gave her a compass that will always point to him if she ever needs to find him.
  • She has a talent for drawing and telling stories.
  • She is the only one Mr. Qwerty will allow to read from his pages.
  • She adopts an orphaned Himalayan Snow Goose and names it Kailash.
  • Many fans mistook Katherine for Pitch's daughter, despite the fact she was born several years after the Golden Age.
  • She is named after William Joyce's late daughter, Mary Katherine, who died at age 18 on the 2nd of May 2010.


  • He is an immortal boy made of pure light.
  • He rarely talks.
  • His weapon of choice is a dagger attached to a staff with a moonbeam trapped inside the blade.
  • He was once the Tsar Lunar's guardian.
  • He gave Tsar the name Man in the Moon.
  • Nightlight inspired MiM to use the Moon Clipper as nightlight to protect the children at night, to become a Guardian of the children of earth, and come up with the Guardians' Oath
  • Much like how Sandy brings sweet dreams to children, Nightlight would also sprinkle dreamsand over MiM's head as a baby.
  • He sacrificed himself in order to protect MiM and seal Pitch away on Earth.
  • He indirectly caused the death of MiM's parents Tsar and Tsarina. When he charged at the Nightmare King there was a blinding light and explosion, and when the light faded Tsar and Tsarina were no where to be found and had turned into Contellations.
  • He cannot remember being MiM's protector, but can recall the long years trapped inside Pitch's cold heart.
  • He has the power to absorb the tears of children and use their emotions to either form a blade or see into their dreams.

Tsar and Tsarina

  • Tsar and Tsarina are the parents of The Man in the Moon.
  • They fought valiantly against The Nightmare King and sacrificed their lives for their son.
  • They are now constellations in the sky, still watching over MiM.
  • They were the Heads of the House of Lunanoff.
  • Although the Golden Age did not have any royalty (instead there were Great Houses called Constellations), it was universally agreed that Tsar and Tsarina were loved by all of the people. If there was royal family, it would have been them.
  • Their real names are unknown, but the title Tsar is also used on Earth for certain European Slavic Monarchs or Supreme Rulers (The Russian Empire, Bulgaria, Serbia and Ukraine).
  • Tsar is the eleventh member of the family to bear the name Tsar, and the last. Had the Golden age survived, his son would have been the twelfth Tsar.
  • They helped lead the people against the forces of evil, and built a prison out of lead to hold the Nightmare Men that threatened the peace.


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