Biographical Information
Full Name Haroom
Other Name(s)
Home Southeast Asia
Occupation(s) Slave
Eye Color
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Relative(s) Rashmi (Wife, deceased)
Tooth (Daughter)
Vanish (daughter)
Enemies The Monkey King
Powers and Abilities
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Haroom is a former slave of The Monkey King, the husband of Rashmi, and the father of Toothiana. He died protecting his daughter from the The Mysterious Hunter.


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Haroom is a nice and caring man toward his friends and animals. He also protective of his daughter, Tooth, and his wife, Rashmi.


A long time ago, Haroom was sold into slavery from birth to a wealthy Maharaja, and even their roles were of slave and master, the two became great friends. Whereas the Maharaja was vain and selfish, Haroom, who recieved nothing and wanted nothing, had a heart of a prince. He respected the maharaja, who knew what he wanted and how to receive it, while the maharaja respected Haroom for being content and wise. The Maharaja liked to hunt down the animals of the jungle, using their heads to line the walls as prizes. Haroom and the Maharaja were hunting partners: Haroom was magnificent at tracking, while the maharaja was the one who killed them. Haroom did not like to see the animals harmed though and would look away as they were killed.

The Maharaja had hunted every animal in the land, but there was still one kind of creature he had not killed, the flying elephant. He knew where they were though, at the mount of Punjam Hy Loo, where only creatures of flight may go. If the Mahajara wanted to get there, he would need to fly. It was then that he came up with an idea: whenever a child dreamed, they very often dreamed of flying. Of course, when they awoke, they did not remember (thus the reason children sometimes woke in their parents' beds), but children's baby teeth contained memories of every aspect of their life. If he got enough baby teeth, he could find a way to find the memories of flying. So whenever a child lost a tooth in the kingdom, they were commanded to send their tooth up to the Maharaja. After some time, the maharaja built a machine that could take him all the way up to Punjam Hy Loo. He commanded Haroom to make a golden bow with a ruby-tipped arrow, wanting this next hunt to be magnificent, and the two set off.

Once there, Haroom was immediately able to find the tracks of the flying elephants. When they finally found one in its nest, just as the Maharaja raised the ruby-tipped arrow to the creature, the Sisters of Flight flew down on them with their weapons in hand. Though Haroom was both amazed and terrified, the Maharaja raised his bow and arrow to the Sisters of Flight, having found a better 'prize.' Haroom then knew what he wanted: he wanted the Sisters of Flight to be safe, with no harm done to them. He commanded the Maharaja to stop, but he paid his slave no heed. Just as the arrow flew from the bow, Haroom jumped in front of its passage of death, sending it straight into its chest. The Maharaja, horrified and baffled, tried to stop the blood flow, but to no avail. The Sisters of Flight were baffled (who knew a human could be so selfless?), but compassionate. Rashmi, the most beautiful Sister of Flight and the one whom the maharaja had tried to fire at, flew down to Haroom, took the arrow from his chest, kissed her fingertips, and touched his wound, healing him. As Haroom awoke, all he saw was the compassionate Rashmi, and all Rashmi saw was the brave Haroom.

Just as Rashmi took Haroom's hand, her wings disappeared and The Sisters of Flight descended on the Maharaja. Not wanting to see his former friend harmed, Haroom begged them to let him go. The Sisters of Flight agreed, but commanded that the Maharaja leave everything that he brought with him: the golden bow, the ruby-tipped arrow, the flying craft of teeth, and his slave, Haroom. He must also leave his vanity and cruelty, and the Maharaja, heartbroken, agreed. The flying elephant, whom the maharaja had tried to kill, flew down and touched his trunk to the maharaja's forehead, taking away all the cruelty and vanity within him. Once these things were gone, the Maharaja was as simple as a monkey, and had even grown a tail. He left, never to return.

Haroom and Rashmi lived on in the palace of Punjam Hy Loo and were wed. Within a year they had given birth to a daughter, selfless like her father, and pure of heart like her mother. She was named Toothiana.

Toothiana was born a human, completely normal and mortal, and because there were no other human children living in Punjam Hy Loo, Rashmi and Haroom decided it would be better to raise her amongt other mortals. The family settled on the outskirts of a village, at the edge of the jungle, where Toothiana would be well loved and protected, living a simple and happy life. When their desughter turned twelve and she lost her last baby tooth, she sprouted wings and feathers covered her entire body.

The children delighted in Toothiana's new ability, but the adults of the village were shocked and frightened by this now half-bird girl. Some thought she was an evil spirit that must be killed, while others saw ways to use her, as either a freak to be caged and paraded about, or to force her to fly to the palace of the new Maharaja and steal his jewels. Haroom and Rashmi knew that to keep their daughter safe, they would have to escape, so they packed their things and departed deep into the jungle. The children of the village, who loved Toothiana as a friend and a sisterly figure, begged their parents to leave Toothiana alone, but they were driven mad, blinded with fear and greed. The parents of the village set up a large cage, hired the best hunters, and asked them to capture Toothiana. Among these was a man known as the Mysterious Hunter, a hunter who never spoke or revealed his face from beneath his cloak.

Haroom and Rashmi were smarter than any hunter, and with his expert tracking skills, Haroom was able to cover their tracks. Whereas Rashmi, who could speak every animal language in the world, enlisted the animals for help, intercepting and sometimes attacking the hunters whenever they moved too near to their camp. However, the hunters, hungry for fame and riches if they caged Toothiana, would not give up.

After weeks of failing to capture Toothiana, the parents of the village became more sly. They followed their children into the jungle and found where Toothiana and her parents were staying. They left a trail of coins for the hunters. But the only hunter who followed was the Mysterious one. He commanded that Toothiana's parents be kidnapped and it be said that if Toothiana did not show, her parents would be murdered. Rashmi and Haroom were then attacked in their camp and surrendered without a fight, and told their daughter to never to come after them if they were in danger.

The animals of the jungle ran to Toothiana and told her what had happened, and Toothiana, usually known for being kind and compassionate, withdrew her swords and flew off like a torpedo to her parents. However, Haroom and Rashmi, both with hearts of gold and proud warriors, refused to let their daughter be captured, and as Toothiana came, they fought like possessed beings, as did the villagers and hunters.

Toothiana darted left to right, reaching and pawing for her parents over the angry mob, but it was no use. Finally, she reached them, but she didn't have the strength to lift them up over the angry mob. Rashmi took out a stringed pouch and gave it to her, saying that its contents would protect and comfort her. Then, heartbroken but determined, Rashmi and Haroom commanded their child to go.

Toothiana flew to the highest treetop,and though she did not cry, she still ached, both outside and inside. Opening the pouch, she found a shimmering ruby box, carved from the arrow that had almost killed her parents. A note was alongside the box, containing this message:

Our Dearest Girl,

These are the teeth of your childhood. If you have them under your pillow in your sleep, or if you hold them tightly, you will remember that which you need--a memory of happy days, or of deepest hopes, or even of us in better days.

But one tooth is not yours. It's a tooth of amazing power, and from what being it comes from, we did not know,

Use it only in times of great danger or need.

Your Dearest Parents.


  • He is the father of Toothiana and the husband of Rashmi.
  • He and his wife died protecting their daughter.
  • He was the slave of the maharaja before he became Rashmi's husband.