The Guardians (promotional)

The Guardians are group of mythical figures in the film Rise of the Guardians and in the books, The Guardians of Childhood.

They were created and chosen by Manny, The Man in the Moon, to protect the dreams of children from the Nightmare King, Pitch, and bring joy to the world.

The team originally consisted of only 4 members: North, Tooth, Sandy and Bunnymund. Jack Frost is the new team member that has joined recently.

In the books, there are a few more Guardians like Katherine, Nightlight and Ombric.




In the books, The Man in the Moon has chosen Ombric, Katherine, and Nightlight alongside North to help fight on the battle against Pitch.


  • The term "Big Four" was first used by Jack Frost at the North Pole in the second trailer for the film and later was used by Pitch, when he was confronted by the Guardians in Tooth's Palace in the film itself.
  • Jack Frost (The Guardians of Childhood) revealed that Jack Frost was Nightlight, making Jack the first and the last Guardian in the series.
  • The Guardians had the ability "to dream-share" - their minds could bond while dreaming. [1]


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