Baby tooth

A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore that are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. Fairies are Toothiana's helpers and also a part of her. Toothiana is able to separate herself into mini versions of herself with the power of the Man in the Moon's teeth. Tooth sends them around the world to collect the teeth and leave a golden quarter where the tooth was (as seen in Rise of the Guardians).

The Guardians of Childhood

Mini fairy

In The Guardians of Childhood, the fairies are a mini version of the original Toothiana. They are created by Toothiana using the power of one of the Relics, the Man in the Moon's teeth. These fairies travel in a group, each of them with a different task. One plays music to keep the sleeping child from waking up, while another stands guard as the last goes retrieve the tooth from under the pillow.

Rise of the Guardians

The mini fairies

In Rise of the Guardians, the fairies look different than their book counterparts. They are more animalistic than humanoid, like they are in the books. They also don't travel in a pack like in the books, but they still do the same work of retrieving teeth from under the pillows.

Noticeable Fairies

Baby Tooth

Baby Tooth is one of the most noticeable fairies in the series. She was rescued by Jack from one of Pitch's Nightmares. She kept him company for the rest of his travels, and helped him recover his memories. In the books, there's a fairy that tells Katherine of the Guardians' plan to rescue her. This fairy may be a book version of Baby Tooth.

European Mouse

Tooth Mouse

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He’s one of us! Part of the European division. Ça va?


In Europe and Latino America, the mouse has been used as the tooth fairy. In the movie, they make the reference to those cultures when Baby Tooth attacks a mouse making Toothiana stop her and tells her about the mouse being same as them but from "The European Division."

In the Spanish dub of the movie, the mouse is given the name "Pérez". This a reference to the children book character, Ratoncito Perez, created by Spanish author, Luis Coloma. It says to replaced the lost baby teeth with gifts in the countries of Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Latin America.


Guardians G symbol
  • In the movie, Minifairies have an elongated nose that resemble a hummingbird's beak.
  • In a short scene during the film's end credits, it is shown that the fairies can phase through walls, as four of them flew through a closed window while trying to get Pippa into her bedroom. However, they can't take mortals with them and as a result dropped Pippa, leaving them embarrassed at forgetting that.
  • Baby Tooth has a beauty mark under her left eye, similar to Jack Frost's sister.