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An elf (plural: elves) is a type of supernatural being in Germanic mythology and folklore. In Rise of the Guardians and The Guardians of Childhood series, it's noted that the elves don't actually make any of the toys, North and the others just let them (and the rest of the world) think that. It's the Yetis that make the toys while the Elves "test" them.


The Elves are small little creatures dressed in a red hat with a point (which has a small jingle bell at the top), covering their body all the way to the beginning of their legs. This outfit tend to come in different shades of red, accompanied by a belt that comes in different designs. There is an open hole for the face, and there are holes for the elf's (especially pointy) ears to stick out. The elf tends to wear a long sleeved shirts in a variety of colors under their outfit. They also wear toeless, striped stockings, that also come in any color. The size of an elf would be about the size of half of your arm, even half of that perhaps. These little mischievous creatures also tend to have round eyes, an upturned nose and rosy cheeks, accompanied by a mouth with almost pointy teeth. They never speak, but they do make noise by their jingling bells in their hats.


The Elves seem to have a generally lighthearted demeanor, although they have been noted to express anger such as one Elf pushing another Elf, when Jack rejects his First Guardian Ceremony and have shown fear at Pitch's presence at the Pole. They are curious and usually clumsy to a degree. 


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  • In the Books, The Elves were once North's mighty men, the very men who helped him rob and thieve from the riches and fighting grand armies with strong hearts. Upon their arrival in Santoff Claussen, the group of treasure hunters came across the Spirit of the Forest, who promised beautiful treasures. North did not fall for her tricks, for he heard calls for help in the city and left the promise of treasures to help. His men were greedy though, and were turned to stone by the Spirit of the Forest. Later, the Spirit of the Forest agreed to turn North's men back from stone. They did not return back into their normal selves, but into small Elven men with high pitched voices. Instead of angry or cruel men, they were happy and smiley Elves.
  • Elves are first attested in Old English and Old Norse texts and are prominent in traditional British and Scandinavian folklore.
  • In the Books the Elves have many names which used to be Cossack names (i.e. Sergei the Terrible, Gregor of the Mighty Stink, etc.), which now became Sergei the Giggler, Gregor of the Mighty Smile, etc. In the Movie, one of the elves was named Dingle.