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E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! is the second chapter book in The Guardians of Childhood series.

A chocolatier, zen master, and warrior, E. Aster Bunnymund joins the ongoing fight against the Nightmare King. 


Forget the bunny trail. E. Aster Bunnymund is on a warpath. In this second chapter book in William Joyce’s The Guardians series, sometimes you have to crack a few eggs.

Pitch, the Nightmare King, and his Fearlings had been soundly driven back by Nicholas St. North and company in the first Guardians’ adventure. But now Pitch has disappeared completely—and out of sight does NOT make for out of mind. It seems certain that he’s plotting a particularly nefarious revenge, and the Guardians suspect he might have gone underground. But how can they find him there? 

Enter E. Aster Bunnymund, the only emissary of the fabled brotherhood of the Pookas—the league of philosophical warrior rabbits of imposing intellect and size. Highly skilled in martial arts (many of which he invented himself), Bunnymund is brilliant, logical, and a tunnel-digger extraordinaire. If the Guardians need paths near the Earth’s core, he’s their Pooka. He’s also armed with magnificent weapons of an oval-sort, and might just be able to help in the quest for the second piece of the Moonclipper

This second book in The Guardians series is about much more than fixing a few rotten eggs—it brings the Guardians one step closer to defeating Pitch!



Next Book

The next chapter in our ongoing saga will feature the discovery of Toothiana: Queen of the Tooth Fairy Armies. [1]


  • Before Chapter One - A Recap, a Prelude, and a Premonition of Terror
  • Chapter One - We Begin Our Story with a Story
  • Chapter Two - In Which Old Friends Are Reunited
  • Chapter Three - Katherine's Story of Their Recent Amazements
  • Chapter Four - A Short Frolic Across the Planet
  • Chapter Five - A Bedtime Story with a Girl, Goose, and Snowmen Who Are Not so Abominable
  • Chapter Six - Amazing Discoveries and Ancient Magic
  • Chapter Seven - A Tall Tale for a Rabbit
  • Chapter Eight - A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Through Time
  • Chapter Nine - The Secret of the Sword
  • Chapter Ten - Revelations, Terror and Daring Deeds
  • Chapter Eleven - As the Towers Flies
  • Chapter Twelve - Delicate Darkness
  • Chapter Thirteen - The Moonbeam Tells His Tale of Woe
  • Chapter Fourteen - A Moonbeam, a Mystery, and a Muddle
  • Chapter Fifteen - Wherein the Friends Must Separate
  • Chapter Sixteen - The Curl Twirls
  • Chapter Seventeen - In Which Pitch Appreciates North's Ingenuity but Proves to be a Dark Customer Indeed
  • Chapter Eighteen - A Surprising Twist with a Chocolate Center
  • Chapter Nineteen - Nightlight Is Dimmed
  • Chapter Twenty - In Which We Find Munch Marks of Mystery
  • Chapter Twenty-One - The Egg-cellent Exchange
  • Chapter Twenty-Two - One Mystery Begets Another
  • Chapter Twenty-Three - The Honk of Destiny
  • Chapter Twenty-Four - In Which There Is a Fearful Discovery and a Whisper of Hope
  • Chapter Twenty-Five - The Egg Armanda
  • Chapter Twenty-Six - The Now-Rotten Core
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Power of the Inner Pooka
  • Chapter Twenty- Eight - The Battle Begins
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine - The Voice
  • Chapter Thirty - In Which All Is Linked by an Ancient Mind Trick That Has a Most Surprising Origin
  • Chapter Thirty-One - The Mad Scramble
  • Chapter Thirty-Two - North Is Fallen
  • Chapter Thirty-Three - The Bookworm Turns


From the Publisher

"Clever and packed with quirky, imaginative creations, lovingly illustrated by Joyce."—Booklist"Children will read and reread the story to enjoy all the nuances of this plot-driven fantasy with strong visual imagery. Joyce’s fans are sure to welcome his newest offering." SLJ, June 2012

School Library Journal

Gr 4–6—Joyce weaves together imaginary beings, fictional characters, and references to real geographic places to create his fantasy world. Two spreads of sketches show "our heroes" and "the villains" to help readers sort out the cast of players. The characters must travel to Easter Island where the Pooka lives. There they meet E. Aster Bunnymund, who explains that he makes the best chocolate in the universe. He uses milk from an "intergalactic bovine creature that on occasion jumps over the Moon" or another chocolate concoction of "marshmallow made from the whipped eggs of Asian peacocks." Still another chocolate is made with "cacao leaves that grow in the dark center of the great caves of Calcutta; it contains a pinch of mint from the ice caps of Mars." Not only can he make delicious treats, but he can also travel through space and help the Guardians as they battle The Nightmare King. Chapters have fun and informative names and there's lots of "egg-straordinary" wordplay. Children will read and reread the story to enjoy all the nuances of this plot-driven fantasy with strong visual imagery. Joyce's fans are sure to welcome his newest offering.—Helen Foster James, University of California at San Diego


  • Ombric's line in which he reveals that Bunnymund has rabbit ears references a similar revelatory line from Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles.




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