Dijinni Robot
Biographical Information
Full Name The Dijinni
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Home Santoff Claussen
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Relative(s) Nicholas St. North (Creator)
Allies North
Enemies Pitch
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What is your command?

Djinni Robot

Djinni Robot was imagined and created by North. He is able to perform any task or duty that is of the possible world.[1]

The Djinni Robot was later possessed and eventually kidnapped by Pitch, who wanted to use the robot's inpenetrable exterior as a suit of armour, allowing the Nightmare King to walk around in sunlight. The Guardians eventually reclaimed the Djinni Robot in E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!.


The Djinni is very practical and has no emotions of its own, performing any task asked of by the Village of Santoff Claussen, whether it is a direct command or not.

In Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, when Pitch possessed the robot, both North and Ombric suspected the Djinni was under his control from how it admired the sight of the Himalayas and hesitated in following one of Ombric's commands.


Djinni Flying Sleigh
The Djinni stands at nearly eight foot tall, shaped like a man but built entirely of metal gears and clockwork, all in shades of metal - silver, bronze, copper, gold and darker tones like gunmetal and iron. Around it's chest, shoulders, and joints were plates that resembled armour but with intricate, graceful curves. The head and face were simply shaped, yet had a handsomeness that recalled a finely made toy.

In the center of its chest where a heart would be is a small box, filled with small knick-knacks, "treasures" selected by the children of Santoff Claussen so that the Djinni will recognise them as it's masters and protect them. Katherine was the last to place her "treasure" in the box, a drawing of North so that it would recognise the both of them.

For easy transport, from its back, shoulders and arms, the Djinni can also transform into a beautiful and most elaborate flying sleigh. The floorboard, deck, and bolt are all an extension of The Djinni itself. The craft's design was heavily inspired from Leonardo da Vinci's sketchbooks.


  • "What is your command?"
  • "As you command."
  • "That is a wish I cannot grant."
  • "I am a djinni of the possible. I can do anything a machine or mortal may, but more effectively. To make you invisible would take magic. And magic is only for those with the wisdom to wield its power."
  • "So let it be done."
  • "It was my pleasure."


  • Djinni was possessed by Pitch and use as a suit to protect himself from broad daylight and from the Moon.
  • The Djinni became a villain when Pitch possessed it, but returned to his old self after Pitch discarded it, at the end of E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core!.
  • The name and term "Djinni" is composed from Arabic word "Djinn" that means a demon in Arabic and is a another word for "Genie or Genies" a magical being in popular culture that have powers to grant wishes.