Claude is Caleb's twin brother and a friends of Jamie Bennett. He's a believer of the Guardians until Pitch's influence. He and his brother, Caleb suffer nightmares and eventually stop believing in the Guardians. With the help of Jamie and Jack, he and his brother regain their faith and take part in defeating Pitch and restoring Sandy's dreamsand.


Claude is a good friend of Jamie but also he and Caleb mocked Jamie's belief in the supernatural creatures like Big Foot. Claude and Caleb are also friends with Pippa and Monty, as evident by their snowball fight, and like the other children they were weary of Cupcake but were quick to let her take part in the fun, with some minor influence from Jack. The brothers are later seen taking part in an Easter Egg hunt at Jamie's house with the other children.


Caleb has his hair combed back unlike, his twin brother who uses a beanie.


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