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My life is jack My life is jack 6 December 2020

Tricks and tips!

Do you like tangled, rise of the gaurdians, or frozen better? Name your fave character! My faves are Varian,jack,and Anna!

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Yourlocalcutie Yourlocalcutie 27 November 2020


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Beverlyjones Beverlyjones 1 August 2020

My Rise of the Guardians videos on YouTube

I have made YouTube videos on who should be Guardians. To check them out, look up “Alex Downs” on YouTube, click on the Fleetwood Promenade profile picture and go into the Possible Guardians playlist.

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 16 January 2019

Help bring back Rise of the Guardians!

William Joyce has been working to bring back ROTG, and DreamWorks is listening! Now you must help the Guardians! Spread the word and tell everyone! You can post about Jack or the Guardians, the movie or the books, tag Jack and the Guardians, tell DreamWorks what this means to you! Post as much as you can and tag William Joyce (@heybilljoyce on Twitter, heybilljoyce on Istagram, williamjoyce on Tumblr) and DreamWorks Animation. Help bring back Rise of the Guardians!

Bring back the Guardians!

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Morgana Frost Morgana Frost 2 February 2017

The Daughter of Pitch Black

Black Curly Hair Eyes Wide Open and brown Skiny and Pale Red Lips

Uses always dark colors on her cloth and wear boots or sport shoes, she is always wearing a necklace with an S in it and lost look and smile.

The protector of Santin is not even his father and the guardians, is a red hair girl name "Tessa" who has been taking care of her since his father turn into Pitch Black, and act like she is only a teenager to protect her identity and Santin until she is sixteen and the profecy come true.

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 6 January 2016

About Flee Overland


So I saw this by William Joyce, where he said that Jack Frost's Sister was called Flee because she could run and jump so fast...

...but on the day Jack died, she was too afraid.

It's been added to her page, of course, and I still have high hopes her real name is Mary, because Joyce has a son named Jackson, like Jack Frost, and had a daughter named Mary Katherine, like Katherine from the Guardians of Childhood, so Jack's sister should be named Mary after his daughter, I think. (That was The Rush's idea first, but after I heard it I really want it to be Mary.) So yeah, Mary for the win! XD My Thread about her name has hit the limit, so I can't post about her nickname there, but blogs are okay too XD

Anyway, it got to me thinking, it's kind…

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Pof203 Pof203 26 December 2015

Rise of the Guardians the Animated Series (If only)

A lot of Dream Works films becacme animated shows, why not Rise of the Guardians? Here's what I think they would have the cast since not all the films cast:

Josh Keaton as Jack Frost.
Alec Baldwin as North
Michaela Dietz as Tooth
Steve Blum as Bunny
Troy Baker as Pitch
Kari Wahlgren as Katherine
J.K. Simmons as Ombric
Olivia Mattingly as Jack's sister
Grey Griffin as Vanish
Cree Summer as Mother Nature
Brian Beacock as Jamie Bennet (now 14)

There's a lot more, but there are too many to name. Now for some episodes.

1. Pitch's Return

It has been almost 4 years since Pitch was defeated. However, a nasty lot new to Burgess has steered his return. Can the Guardians stop him when the only child in town who still believes in them is Jamie who has just started …

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Gravenhunger Manor

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Rise of the Guardians

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Zendaya Hearts Zendaya Hearts 3 September 2015

Petition For Rise of the Guardians 2

Hey Guys! So recently not too long a go I found petition for a Rise of the Guardians 2.

Personally, I love Rise of the Guardians it's been my favorite movie since I first watched and it would be super cool if it had a sequel.. ^.^


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Lemonboo116 Lemonboo116 12 June 2015


I have always believed in Jack Frost. Back when I lived in Michigan, I always felt as if he were there too! I was just upset i was never able to see him. Although I may have never seen him, I always saw the stuff he did! I have always believed in all of the guardians. They always kept me going. In fact, I have seen St. North from my window on Christmas Eve of 2013. That same year, I saw the "Easter Kangaroo" in my dining room. Those simple moments have always brought me to the conclusion that the Guardians have always been wathing me. Before Rise of the Guardians, I didn't know what they were called, I just knew them as their general names (Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, etc). After the movie, I realized that those figures have been watching m…

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Wide eyes13 Wide eyes13 12 June 2015

Mini Fanfiction? just post it down :3

I woke up to a normal day, walked to my window to see...........snow in the Summer 

"God damn you Jack" i said to myself, yeah you proberly think im crazy but i believe in a teenage guardian called Jack Frost, hes my best friend but he's very annoying but i have to admit hes seriously cute.

"like it?" said Jack

Speak of the devil

"I seriously dislike you at the moment Jack" i said as i turned around from the window, walking to the shower held my towel

"nah you love me" said Jack with a misvious smirk

i got in the shower turned on WARM and washed but because i have Jack as a bestfriend my beautiful warm water turned to FREZZING COLD,

"JACK GO AWAY YOU BLOODY TWAT" I scream at the sudden coldness

"Bye then Kira" laughed Jack

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Jackfrost-greece101 Jackfrost-greece101 24 November 2014

jack frost is like a brother

Most people would want to date jack frost but i refer to himas an older brother.I have a sister and 2 brothers they are annoying at times but i love them but since my parents divorce i don't get to see them that often cause i live with my dad and they live with my mom i only get to see them once a month and that's on my dad's weekend i never get to see my mom i miss her so. I also have a cat named Angel she's my baby girl i miss her too.when rise of the guardians came out we watched it every chrismas  until my parents got the divorce so when i see a picture of jack frost  i see my brothers.

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Jackson Overland Frost Jackson Overland Frost 31 October 2014


Jack & Jamie: Happy Halloween!!

Hi guys! Today is Halloween!

A holiday full of candy & costumes! - Jamie

& more candy! Yum!!

So we are wishing you guys and amazing day. - Jamie

And we hope you guys have lots of fun and be careful with the "boogeyman". (Halloween is his favorite holiday)

Can't wait to see a few of you guys costumes and who knows maybe I'll see another "Jack".

Remember to have lots of fun. Oh and tells us if you guys are doing anything special. :)

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Guardians ROTG Guardians ROTG 23 October 2014


(At the North Pole the Guardians were all set up for a discusion and were in a room, where was a big round table, where everyone sat down)

North: You all know, why I called you here?

Bunny: Something about Christmas?

Tooth: Is it about Pitch?

Sandy: (Was making some sings above his head)

Jack: About the children?

North: No, it's nothing about Pitch, nore the children nore Christmas.

Bunny: (Shocks, when North said, it wasn't about Christmas) Well, then it has to be something very big.

North: It's about... the other Guardians.

Tooth: The other Guardians? What's wrong with them?

North: Nothing is wrong with them. It's just, that kids believe mostly about us, the five most important Guardians, but the children don't believe in the others. Like Cupid, b…

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HPTiger HPTiger 30 September 2014

The Next Guardians chapter book

The 5th Guardians Chapter book will be arriving February 2015.


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HPTiger HPTiger 2 August 2014

Rise of the Guardians is not affiliated with The Guardians of the Galaxy

Hello guys! HPTiger here! My sister saw the Guardians of the Galaxy, and many die-hard fans are very keen to see it. But here's the catch... if anyone was at the Regal Cinemas somewhere where the news posted this, you guessed that this new movie is not to be affiliated with "Rise of the Guardians".

And you will see why they played the wrong movie at midnight.




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Maria2889 Maria2889 6 July 2014

Elsa Snow Queen

When she was a human, Elsa felt guilty that she couldn’t save her parents because she felt if she had been there, she could have frozen the waters around their ship. But it was because she had no control over her powers at the time, that she had to Stay Behind in the First place.

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Maria2889 Maria2889 6 July 2014

Elsa The Guardian of Love

Elsa is the Guardian of Love . She reigns Over Valentine's day as a result . Using Her icy Powers,

She Helps urge People to Know the meaning of love in order to thaw thier own hearts or others she believes 

that a person loves.  With her past life as a Queen with how important love is, Elsa carries herself with poise, dignity, and grace. However, her ability to control snow and ice has always brought about a playful side to her. 

 Her alias as cupid has stemmed a lot of traditions of Valetine’s Day. Her love forchocolate is why it is something passed out on the holiday and her control over the ice element has led to the date being towards the winter.

This is the story of how Elsa became a guardian.

 The Kingdom of Arendelle was prosperous under…

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Maria2889 Maria2889 26 June 2014

Elsa Guardian of Love

I'm known by many names such as the snow queen or cupid. But, my name is Elsa and I'm a guardian. It may be a bit chilly now, but an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart.

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HPTiger HPTiger 23 May 2014

The Guardians are coming to Abilene, Texas

Hello everybody!

There's going to be a festival for this year's C.A.L.F., or Children's Art and Literacy Festival, which will be held in downtown Abilene, June 12-14.

Check this out!



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The Rush The Rush 22 May 2014

Rise of the Guardians Triology

"Rise of the Guardians" was originally supposed to have been the first installment in a trilogy of films built around Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman and Jack Frost.

But this DWA production (which cost an estimated $145 million to produce) stumbled so badly at the box office that this animation studio was forced to take a $87 million write-down on the film . Not only that, but in a tightening-its-belt gesture that came right on the heels for "Guardians" not being able to launch DWA's next big franchise.

A few reasons people have said that harm the movie from succeeding were:

  1. The Title - Some will tell you that it was "Rise of the Guardians" 's rather generic title. Which didn't exactly fire the imagination of woul…
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*Embrace Nature Don't ignore it*

You see, nature is truly beautiful.

See what I mean? Don't become angry if you see this:

Just appreciate Nature.

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Jack Frost's Little Sister Jack Frost's Little Sister 3 February 2014

Jack's Memory in Jack Frost's Little Sister's pov

Hi, I'm Mary, Jack Frost's Little Sister! This is Jack's memory in my point of view (pov), hope you all like it! :)

I looked up at Jack as he was quickly taking off his skates. I could feel the ice under me cracking with every breath I took. "It's okay, it's okay!" Jack said reaching his hand out to me, "Don't look down, just look at me." Jack put his to his chest. "Jack, I'm scared" I told him, the ice continued cracking beneath my feet. "I know, I know," Jack said, attempting to take a step toward me, but was stopped by the ice cracking under his foot, "But, your gonna be alright and your not gonna fall in, uhhh, we're gonna have a little fun instead!" "No, we're not!" "Would I trick you?" "Yes! You always play tricks!" Jack took a step t…

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Valentin girl Valentin girl 28 January 2014

The new guardians

In North Pole, North called the guardians for a meeting. >>Why did you called us in this hour?>I am sorry my friends, but..... Manny said something about a guardian>What? A guardian?>Whait....did the Man in the Moon said, a new guardian or just a guadian- someone from us?>Yes, a guardian and just a guardian. I don't know if he ment a new guardian or a guardian>He choosed a new one>It's..... it's....Because you are not ready yet>Not ready?! Then when will I be ready?!Some day you will be ready and you will feel itBut-but.... I feel that. I am ready now!No. You are still not ready for this. Now can you please leave me alone? Because I have many things to do>I will show my brother that I am ready! I will become a guardian! Yeah, he doesn't li…

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RavynandBeckie RavynandBeckie 21 January 2014

The State Fair

"Can I have your attention boys and girls" came the voice over the intercom to all the classes. Students quieted down to hear. "It is time to announce the winner of the Booth Theme for the State Fair." There came the sound of a mock drum roll and the kids laughed. "The winner is Jamie Bennett for his Winter Wonderland in the Spring idea. Congratulations Jamie."

Jamie was grinning from ear to ear as his friends and classmates patted him on the back and shook his hand. (f/n) a, his best friend gave him a big hug. "Of course, you are going to let me and Katie do the popsicles and candy right?" she said.

"Of course!" The teacher finally got the class back in order and they talked about what they were going to sell and what things needed to be d…

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Valentin girl Valentin girl 6 January 2014

The carnival

It was night, a very dark night. The clouds were going closer to each other and it was showing, that it could rain. There, near the road, was a carnival, but it was abandoned. On the road, drove a yellow bus and it went right, where was a bus station. From the bus, camed a girl, she was tall, skiny, wearing light cloths - red jacket, black trausers and white shoes. Her hair was dark brown as her eyes were, the face was beautiful, like an angel fell from the sky. So the girl went off and the bus went forward, leaving the girl all alown. She went towards the doors of the carnival. They were huge with iron rods, like from a prison and she could see from the openings so many things. There was a cyrcus, rolercosters,old stalls where were sweets…

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Valentin girl Valentin girl 24 December 2013

Chrismas is coming!

Season 1; Episode 3 


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Jack's Sister Jack's Sister 20 December 2013

Jack's Sister

Warning: I always make this fanfictions because I'm that bored. And I'm making these for my friends/siblings here in the wiki. :3 Emma Overland may be Jack Frost's sister but it's made up.


There was a little girl from Burgess named Emma Overland. She is 9 years old and has medium brown hair with brown sided bangs. She felt very sad after the accident of her brother fell down and drowned in the cold ice.

"I miss my brother a lot" Emma murmered. After hearing her mother say, "You can play anyday now Emma"

"But Jack is not here. I need to wait for him to play" Emma said quietly. "But Jack is---" Her mother sig…

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Jack's Sister Jack's Sister 20 December 2013

Jack's Monologue

Warning: I made this because I'm bored and everyone seems to be offline. So don't judge me.

Jack is about to float up because Man in Moon has chosen Jack to become a guardian, Jack said "Darkness, It was the first thing I remember, It was dark, It was cold, and I was scared. Then I saw the moon, It was so big, It was so bright, It kinda chased the darkness away, And when it did, I wasn't scared anymore" Jack breathed deeply when he reached the surface, and flew infront of Man in Moon. Then Jack gently flew down to the ice, the ice was cleared when Jack touched the ground. He took one step, and almost fell but didn't. Then took his second step and he got the hang on it. He looked at the staff and touched it with his foot. The staff's middle …

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Jack's Sister Jack's Sister 19 December 2013

Rise of the Guardians - Jack's Memory

Baby Tooth touched the tooth box, and Jack has touch it, Jack entered his memory world. His mother said "Be Careful" and he said "We will", they headed off with his sister to the frozen pond to train skating. Meanwhile, his sister said "Jack, I'm scared" but then Jack said "We're gonna have a little fun instead, when I trick you" and she said "Yes you always play tricks!" Jack said "Well not this time, I promise. Your not gonna fall in" "How about a game of Hopscotch? Like we play everyday! It's easy as 1.. 2.. Woooahh. 3! Now it's your turn." "1.. That's it. 2.. 3!" Jack pulled her away from the cracking ice that is about to fall in the cold water with his wooden staff. Jack reached out for her but quickly falled in the water. Her sister …

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Valentin girl Valentin girl 17 December 2013

The army of Pitch

Season 1; Episode 2


All of the guardians were sleeping in their oun comfy warm beds, covered with blankets, their heads were leaning at their soft pillows, except Jack. He was in North's kitchen, sitting on a wooden chair and drinking cocoa, when suddenly, Valentina went in the kitchen. >>Good morningGood morning>You woked up early. Couldn't sleep?>No. I always wake up earlier than others>Hey, do you want a hot cocoa?>Yes, I would love to. Where is it?It is right next to the coffe machine. I poured it in a cupA, have it>Hahaha! That was soo priceless!>You are going to get it>Stopp!>What are you two doing?>Jack gived me a cold cocoa!So?>He said it was a hot cocoa!What. Wasn't that delicious?I will give you delicious>Ok, ok! S…

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Kyokoxtsuna123 Kyokoxtsuna123 17 December 2013

Guardian of Spring and Music (Chptr3)

Chapter 3

(Jamie's POV)

She didn't response but to looked at me. "H-hi I'm N-namine Alfson I-it is nice to see you" she said. I smiled at her widely then someone threw me a snowball. I looked behind and saw Jack making snowball "Get a room for you two" I got confuse when he said that word "What do you mean?" I replied.

"You'll understand when your older" Jack said throwing it to Melody. "Hey!" Melody said and make one as her target was Jack. "Hey! How about TWO VERSUS TWO!" I yelled going to Jack's side.  

"BRING IT ON!" Yelled back by Melody as we start our Snowball fight.  The first who throw was Jack and Namine threw the snowball to me. We all laughed while playing the snowball fight it was fun! until the night came I heard my mother callin…

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Kyokoxtsuna123 Kyokoxtsuna123 17 December 2013

Guardian of Spring and Music (Chptr2)

Chapter 2

"She's right by my side" Jack said. but when Namine looked at his side but she still didn't saw. "I guess I won't be a better Guardian.." Melody said frowning down. "Try to believe" he said. Melody stood up as she created a grass to lay down

when Namine saw that she started to believe and she appeared by her seeing. she smiled and Jack frost quickly poked Melody.
"Melody" he said as Melody turned her head to see Jack. "Look!" he said pointing at Namine. When she turned her head she saw Namine smiling at her "Did she see me?" she asked Jack if its true. Jack nodded. Namine waved at her as Melody flew up.


I can't believe she believe in me that so easily! I landed and sat beside her as she glanced at me "Uhm you okay?" I sa…

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Kyokoxtsuna123 Kyokoxtsuna123 13 December 2013

Guardian Of Spring and Music

                                                  Guardian of Music and Spring 

                                                          By:Christina D. Gumba  

'                                                                                       Chapter '1

                                                                               ~Knowing the Truth~

This Afternoon all the students went out for excitement to go home of course winter is coming a red haired girl walked by and saw a child running over and the child is about to hit but the red haired girl quickly ran and rescued her by sacrifice herself she died.

The guardians approached as the Blonde haired girl came seeing it what did happened Jack Frost came near to her and asked "What ha…

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 9 December 2013

Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (~Chapter 6~) inspired by: ELIZABETH

where to next?

last week Jack and Viki went to brazil and saw the Jesus my redemer statue.Now Viki felt more adventurus this time she wnated to go some diffrent but not so high.

"Ah HA! i know i want to go to London!'she exclaimed

"Nice Choice ive been their do you want to see the clock Big ben?" he asked

"Why not!"

jack smiled okay lets go now. So they flew of to london

"HEY! i remember thoes houses from the Old Disney movie Peter Pan!" she told him feeling like a 7 year old aging.

"There it Is!" he pointed 

they bolth flew down with Viki acting like a little kid exclaiming how she rememberd the ladmakrs from movies she saw as a human believer now a Gaurdain She could see it in birds eye view for her self.on the way down she keept reapting a few …

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Kyokoxtsuna123 Kyokoxtsuna123 7 December 2013

About uh...

Well Hi Guys! 

Since I'm not new here and I really haven't use this account though...I am wondering why there are so many cool Fanfictions in this blog post well I love fanfictions and I am hoping or thinking if I can post mine..Cause mine is weirder.. I think? Well my chapter isn't finish yet In wattpad yesh I have one but its up to 4 yet still doing my chapter 5

I should tell about the story...

The story is all about the new guardian named Gwen Hamilton it change her name into Melody cause the man in the moon choose her to keep the children safe since her powers were music and spring like bunny's but not the Easter its just like melting the snow making it grassy (Gwen Hamilton isn't mine it is from my friend) Pitch came back with the fearlin…

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Valentin girl Valentin girl 6 December 2013

Rise of the guardians series

Season 1; Episode 1 


It was a lovely sunny day, the kids were out side playing in the snow, that Jack Frost created. When the sun was almost going down, Jack flew in the air and went to the North Pole. He had to go there, because North with his friends, invited him to come over, because they have something special for him. When he was flying, he was wondering, what speciality could it be. When he arrived at the Pole and went inside the big house where was the big globe, he saw North with the others standing infront of it. >>What speciality are you planing for me North?>What's wrong? Did the cat eated your toungs or what?>Girls!Girls!>Ladies.... what did we talked earlier?No runing or screaming frew the hallAnd?Do not …

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 6 December 2013

Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (~Chapter 5~) inspired by: ELIZABETH

  • Ever been to brazil before? not me.. yet *

The guardians went back to there normal schedule no worries. Bunny was making more eggs. North made lots more toys! tooth let her fairies go back to collecting teeth sandy sent dreams as always.jack and Miss Snow spread winter all around the world.

"Where do you want to go?" jack asked Viki

"Humm when i was a normal human i wanted to go see that huge staute of jesus In Brazil"She answered. jacks face suddenly light up. 

"why not!" he said. 

they finished their work of spreading winter then took of for South America.Finally they made it in Brazil 

" Now wheres that statue ?" she thought out loud

"Over there you can see it from any where its so amazingly tall."he said

They flew over to where the statue loom…

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Valentin girl Valentin girl 6 December 2013



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Will O' the Wisps Will O' the Wisps 6 December 2013

Cake or Death? Chapter 1

Salutations possible readers. 

This is a story we have practiced writing.

Please take the time to read and review it.

Your feedback will greatly help us.

Thanking you all very muchly.

~ Wisp.

Cake or Death?!

Chapter 1: Let's have a Tea Party!


Jack had to admit, it probably wasn't his brightest idea.

Pinned to the wall by a shapeless mass of shadow, all he could to was gaze around Pitch's underground lair in dismay.

How could the sly old fart even know he was there?

It’d been two months since the battle resulting in Pitch’s downfall, surely the King of Nightmares would be too weak to even control the shadows? Jack had figured it would be fun to taunt the Boogeyman, maybe get some revenge for breaking his staff. Jack did have questions, too, he …

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 5 December 2013

Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian ( Chapter 4 )inspired by: ELIZABETH

do you believe? "Of to Burgess! ,and to get Jamie!" North Boomed "Every one to the Sleigh!" he said

Sandy held up all of his fingers "I guess so!" tooth replied. "Tooth? how many Shopping days are there left until Christmas?" Viki asked "21!" North answered. "You Keep track don't you!" Tooth shrugged her shoulders.

Eventually they flew into Burgess it was Night aging .

"theres Jamies house!"Jack exclaimed he flew up to the window with Viki "Jack! and Viki!" jamie was very happy

. "hey kiddo! you are the only kid that believes in Miss Snow she needs more believers will you help us?" jack asked


"What do you say kiddo are you in?" Jamie smiled "Yes!"  "Alright kiddo go get your friends!"


amie ran out and 10 mins later all of his friends were…

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 3 December 2013

Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (Chapter 3)inspired by: ELIZABETH

  • nows the story gets more interisting*

Then on Dec1 the gaurdains had a meeting. There was a new problem now. a few days ago Viki and Jack found out Viki was not believed in. "Hello Bunny! its December!" North "Knock it off you show pony! Bunny exclaimemed."Umm excuse me?" Tooth butted in "But were here to fix a problem!" Sandy made a thumbs up! then jack took the lead. "We need a plan to get people believeing in Miss Snow but thankfully well have a jumpstart cause Jamie believes in her." he said "Yes the last light." North repiled.

"Now we think!!" north told everybody. Bunny scratched his head, Tooth rubed her chin, Sandy made a sand immage of a loading bar,North just stod in the middle of the room srtoking his beard. Jack sat on a counter …

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HPTiger HPTiger 28 November 2013

Jack Frost's Winter Magic

Good morning and a Happy Thanksgiving from HPTiger!

This Tuesday, I got an email from one of my mentors of a news story of when a winter storm hits the coastal town of St. Joseph Pier in Lake Michigan, it creates a marvelous masterpiece of icy formations on the icicles in the lighthouses. Was this magic? Could it be the work of Jack Frost?

More info here: http://cottagelife.com/82671/blogs/storm-turns-lighthouses-into-a-frigid-masterpiece

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 27 November 2013

Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian (Chapter 2)inspired by: Elizabeth

"So when do we start?" tooth asked "Today mate its not were going to wait until tomrow." bunny replied to thooths question. "Everyone to the sleigh! except bunny!" North explained with a magical smile. Bunny smiled "where to?" he asked. North stoped in his tracks" I didnt think of that!" Viki smiled big and rolled her eyes "Oh North!"

"IDEA!!" he explained scaring everybody with his swords. "AHH!" Jack Ducked So did Viki. "Sorry Jack. I Pick Burgess! anyway Jack did help us when pitch tryed to get the children in unbelievelf. At this Jack made a satisifed smile. Viki smiled back.Everyone except bunny with much delight. bunny made his rabbit hole and a sheigh flew of in the sky.

North took out his snow globe. "i say he said shaking it "Burges…

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 26 November 2013

Miss Snows Adventures as a Guardian. (Chap1)

  • ==Miss Snows Adventures As A Guardian.* (Chap 1)==
    • you can call miss Snow Viki okay miss snow is too long don't you think any way jack calls herViki for short.*

It was a nice cold evening in burgess PA the snow was falling nothing new  except one thing there was a new guardian.Former Victoria she had become a guardian last year and was now stuck at the age of 15 forever.

"Well Know i know what ageless beauty means now." She would say."How about ageless handsomeness!" jack would reply. "Of course!" she would giggle and a smile back when jack said that.The two were a great couple they would make snow,frost.snowstorms.and blizzard together nothing could separate them.

but one day the northern lights went of. bunny in his warren would leave what e…

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 22 November 2013

a new Guardian unexpected..,Continued (2)

Victoria had been a guardian for a year now she was 15 and this year more things were in store for her. the only bad thing she was still a normal human so she had to be full time human and part time Guardian. So she was busy but loved it!

she went ice skating with her friends one day and they didn't see the sign on the lake. it said VERY thin ice when Victoria sa it she pointed to the sign they got off one by one Victora last She wasn't scared at all cause she was Miss snow now the guardian of Imagination and fun. she was going to cross when this time with no warning CRACK!! and Victoria fell through she tried to swim to the top but it was too late.

That night She wasreborn still here physical age and all. Like Jack ,but Victoria remembered …

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 22 November 2013

a new Guardian unexpected..,( 1 )

She was a normal person Victoria she was 13 with red hair and green eyes and lived what she thought had an ordinary life. but she had Done other things in her life she had published at least 5 books and become popular in her cyber school that she attended (in the live classes) but when she turned 14 things Changed.

she was out in the snow on her birthday just making a snowman when she heard her brother from a far off "VIKI!!! come Here!!" he called "Oh Joe i thought you were supposed to be in the house doing you homework!?" she walked over to where he was and got a shock to find her brother in a hole next to the town lake.

"Dont worry I'll get you out of there! she ran to the house and brought back a ladder "Okay here it comes!" the ladder w…

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Nikki Van Davis Nikki Van Davis 15 November 2013

Rise of the Gaurdains

is this your fave movie this is mine if this is your fave one plaese tell me and why i have reason of my own too im interised in you opinion?! i know this is short but im ciurous as a kitty.

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The Rush The Rush 3 November 2013

Hints: Same Continuity

While there has been a few error with the timeline between Rise of the Guardians and the Guardians of Childhood series, we can conclude that they have the same continuity and not a different universe or timeline.

The creator, William Joyce, has said that the movie takes place a 200 years after the books and there's also hints in the movie that help with this facts.

In The Sandman and the War of Dreams, a lot of new connections have been made to the movie.

  • 1 North
  • 2 Bunnymund
  • 3 Tooth
  • 4 Jack Frost
  • 5 Sandman
  • 6 Pitch
  • 7 Katherine

In the books, North was thief but after been chosen he becomes an inventor that sees wonder in every little thing. In fourth chapter book, it's reveal that North has become "jolly" (or like of the Williams said FAT!) for eating to many…

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